Thursday, February 7, 2013

Light Scoop

For a while now I've been using the Av mode on my Canon camera.  I adjust the aperture setting and the camera automatically adjusts the shutter speed for the correct light reading.  On rainy or cloudy days, no matter how low my aperture is, the shutter speed is still not fast enough to take a picture of the girls and it not be blurry.  Anyways I was getting a little frustrated, but wasn't quite ready to go to full the manual settings to get the everyday pictures I wanted.  Especially with 2 little ones always running around.  Not too long ago, my favorite blogger said she uses this light scoop to photograph inside.  I bought it a couple of weeks ago and already love it sooo much!  It's basically a mirror attached to you camera so that when the flash is used it bounces off the mirror and then onto the surfaces around the room to provide more light to the room but not just one big flash on someone's forehead.  Below are some comparison pictures I took with and without the light scoop.  The ones without the light scoop are the same settings as the ones with the scoop, except I didn't use the flash, only the natural daylight in the room.

None of these photos have been edited on my computer other than putting them together in one photo.  You can see that the light scoop really dissolves the shadows, especially on Mackenzie's face and gives the overall picture a warmer color balance.  The scoop is now always attached to my camera and I use it all the time when I'm inside!  I love it!  Below are some other photos I've taken using the scoop.  Again, these are unedited and I think the colors and lighting are great even straight out of the camera!

So, if you are looking for a new camera accessory, I highly recommend a light scoop!

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