Wednesday, February 27, 2013

February Photo Love

I've really cut down on the number of photos I've been taking.  Not on purpose, but apparently I just stopped picking up my camera lately.  I need to do better next month!  Here are a few of my favorites from February.

In the picture below, Meredith was looking out of the corner of her eyes to see if Gapa was hitting the table too.
That apple sure does cause a lot of drool!
Ready for dance...
Actually cuddling with someone!
She got on the table, but didn't know how to get down.
Dancing - an every day occurrence in our house.
This is the typical look Meredith gives when she is "talking" to you and telling you a story.
Such a cutie!
Playing dress up at a friends house.  Brandon doesn't like having beads in our house because of the choking hazard, so Mackenzie and Meredith really liked playing with all of these beads! (under careful supervision, of course!)  ;)

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