Friday, January 4, 2013

Preschool K3 - Unit 8

Back in December, we got back on track with school and actually did a complete unit! Yay!  We had a bible story, a letter of the week, science, a shape, a theme pack and miscellaneous activities.  It was actually one of the few weeks that we did almost all of the items on my lesson plan.  Here is a quick look at our "...of the week" display.
So, it was a full week and since I blog about everything we do, it's going to be a long post!  Are you ready?! ;)

Our bible lesson was about Moses.  We started with baby Moses and had intended to go through his life to the 10 plagues, but instead only went to the burning bush.  The 10 plagues became their own unit that I'll post soon.  After reading the story, we made a craft using Mackenzie's hand prints for the grass and reeds that hid Moses and his basket.
We also acted out the story using a basket and a baby doll.  Mackenzie really liked this activity, but I don't have any pictures to show.  After we acted out baby Moses the first couple of days, she really wanted to act out Moses and the burning bush, too.  She wanted to be the bush!
After I took this picture this is what she said, "Oh wait, I need to turn around, because God doesn't have a face."  Then we started again.
We also colored this cute worksheet from 1+1+1=1.
Mackenzie also made this burning bush craft with tissue paper.

Our theme for the week was the Elf on the Shelf packs from 3 Dinosaurs.  She loved seeing "Tiny" on the printables and really enjoyed this pack.

I love watching her do these matching pages.  Her lines are so crooked and when I told her she accidentally mismatched a couple, she just continued from the original line and looped them around. ;)
Of course, dot markers are always a lot of fun and as you'll see later, we used them a lot on this day.
It's a Tiny sort! ;)

Letter M:
We started with tracing the letter M, to work on handwriting.  I love these pages from Confessions of a homeschooler because it has the uppercase and lowercase letters.
 We also completed a couple of pages in our alphabet book.
I tried something new for our letter of the week activities.  I printed out activities to do from 1+1+1=1's Animal ABC's Pack.  I wasn't sure if she was going to like it since Carissa's daughter just finished it and she's younger than Mackenzie.  This was my trial letter and when I realized how much she liked it, I quickly added it to our curriculum!  So, not only is M for Moses, it's also for Mouse.

For the activity below, I had her mark all the uppercase letters in red and lowercase letters in pink.
She really enjoyed cutting out the mice and gluing them on, so it looks like we'll be learning about different animals this year too! ;)
She loves coloring with all of the different colors, so it's awesome that the animal abc's pack includes these sheets for her to do.

For our science lesson we learned about our 5 senses.  This was new to her, but I tried to make it really fun.  First we talked about each sense and then we looked for things that related to each one.  For example, we smelled things...
...we listened to our toys...
...and we couldn't resist finding things to taste!
I think in the picture above we decided that we used all 5 senses with that cookie, so she is smelling it after looking at it, touching, tasting it and hearing it crunch in her mouth. ;)

On another day, we played a sorting game from Hubbard's Cupboard.

Our last day of learning about the 5 senses, I pulled out these worksheets I think I found on preschool Palace.  I wasn't sure if she would want to do all of them, but she surprised me and did all 5 + a summary sheet!
The sense of smell made me laugh out loud because she said, "I circled the bird because you can smell it's poop." ;)
Drawing the pictures was a little hard for her, but she did her best.  Too cute!

Sight Words:  
Our sight words for this unit were "you" and "said".  Word path's from 3 Dinosaurs...
 Word searches from COAH
A new favorite - dot marker sight words from 3 Dinosaurs...
and color by numbers from 1+1+1=1.

We also had a few miscellaneous activities like tracing diamonds...
We also did a fun scavenger hunt.  I had Mackenzie find an object for each letter of the alphabet.  One at a time we said each letter and found a toy or something that started with that letter.  It took a long time, but we did make it through every letter.  They are not all shown in the picture below, but we did do it! ;)
So that's all for Unit 8!  I told you we did a lot! ;)  Oh and in case you were wondering what Meredith does while we are doing this, the answer is sometimes this... 

...emptying boxes of crayons all over the place! ;)

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