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Preschool K3 - Unit 10

I finally edited a bunch of our school pictures last night, so be ready for the next few days to be a catch up on our preschool posts.  Unit 10 covered Moses and the Red Sea, 10 Commandments, the letter X, a camping theme and miscellaneous activities.

I think I said this in Unit 9, but I'm going to repeat it...When I introduced the topic of Moses to Mackenzie she asked when we were going to stop talking about Moses.  I told her that Moses was a very important part of the Bible and deserved several lessons (we are #3), but that this was our last lesson for him.  Although she didn't appear to want to study Moses again, I think she thoroughly enjoyed talking about the parting of the Red Sea and the 10 commandments.

When I taught a 2 year old Bible Class in 2005, I made these cloud and pillar of fire sticks that the class used when pretending to be Israelites.  I kept them because I wasn't sure if I would ever use them again, but sure enough, 8 years later they came in handy! ;)

"And the LORD went before them by day in a pillar of cloud to lead them along the way," Exodus 13:21a
"and by night in a pillar of fire to give them light, that they might travel by day and by night." Exodus 13:21b
The girls actually rested at night while the pillar of fire was in the sky.  Meredith really enjoyed playing and out of this activity came one of my favorite quotes from Mackenzie.  She wanted to Meredith to hold the pillar of fire, so she simply asked, "Meredith, do you want to be God?"  So simple and funny.  At least she understood the story that God was the fire and cloud! ;)

We also made a simple craft by cutting and curling construction paper.  We don't have a little people Moses, so Noah filled in for us! ;)  What's not really seen in the picture below are all the figurines she retrieved to be Israelites.  There were Easter little people in bunny suits, happy meal toys and I think even a princess or two! She had them go through the parted red sea several times before we moved onto something else.
We also talked about the 10 commandments and the I asked her some recap questions to see if she remembered what were commandments and what were not.  These questions came from a lesson plan from the South Florida Church website.  I think number 2 & 8 were Mackenzie's favorite examples of what the Bible does NOT say..."you shall not read books" and "you shall not play games."

Letter X:
Using the Animal ABC curriculum from 1+1+1=1 provides a lot of extra emphasis on the letters, which I love.  Although she knows all of her letters, she still needs the extra lessons on a specific letter.

"X is for x-ray fish"
The x-ray fish was the focus animal and we also added our own craft to go along with the unit.
Tracing numbers...
Coloring x-ray fish...
I blogged about the x-ray fish craft in the tot school post a couple of weeks ago.  Meredith made one, but Mackenzie made two fish.

x is also for xenops

I also finally followed through with something I've been meaning to do for a while...add magnets to pom poms.  Right now we only used the sticky magnetic tape, but I plan to hot glue the magnets to the pom poms so that they will last longer.  Mackenzie loves to use the magnets and cookie sheets.
And finally for the letter X we worked on the letter x sound.

Since the Israelites were in the wilderness, I thought a camping themed unit might be fun.  We've never been camping as a family, so most of this was new to her.  In an effort to reduce the number of picture in the post I only included a few from the camping preschool pack we did.  However, we did quite a bit of the activities in this package, counting, rhyming, mazes, finding shapes, start letters, what's different and probably more. 

Sight Words:
We finished up the You Can Read Unit 1 and Mackenzie officially recognizes the words, "a", "and", "the" and "see".  Plus yesterday, 3 weeks later, she wrote the word "see" with out any help for the spelling.  To be fair, "see" was the first word she learned last year when we started school, so she's much more familiar with the word, but I'm still glad she can do more with it than just recognize it.

Coloring the words...
Tracing and writing the words.  She was so proud of this sheet and since Brandon happened to be home when she did it, she quickly got up to show him how she had written all of her words.

She still loves the roll and graph activities, no matter what the theme is!
I also incorporated the word searches from Confessions of a Homeschooler.

We did quite a few miscellaneous things, all of which Mackenzie enjoyed.  One of my favorites was this first activity.  I had pinned a drawing activity on Pinterest and had to try it with Mackenzie.  I took a wooden block Brandon had made for us and drew different line types on each side.  Then we took turns rolling the dice and drawing the indicated line.  It made for a fun and cute art project that we'll definitely be doing again!
We also played with a new Christmas gift...
Mackenzie's been asking to do the "computer school stuff" so I pulled up a simple ABC powerpoint from 1+1+1=1.  (This might be from the members only sight.)  We went through the entire alphabet and she loved pointing to the correct lowercase letter.
I also had Mackenzie stamp numbers onto a sheet.  This was only a couple weeks after I made my Christmas cards, so she was super excited to use the stamps in ink like I had.

And lastly just for some indoor activity we did the yoga poses that I blogged about 3 weeks ago!  It was a great unit FULL of fun, learning stuff!

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