Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Deja Vu

I LOVE seeing Meredith in Mackenzie's old clothes.  I found some pictures of Mackenzie in the same outfits to compare the two girls.  Notice that Mackenzie is 2 and Meredith is 16 months old!

Not too long ago, I found a Christmas outfit of Mackenzie's and knew as soon as I saw it that Meredith could wear it right now! 

Yep, she fills it out just fine!  She got to wear it twice this holiday season and now I can officially retire it, as I know it won't fit her next year.

After realizing she was approaching 24 month clothing, I went through Meredith's closet the other day to see what hand me downs she had and found the two outfits below.  Brandon and I couldn't help playing "dress up"!  Our little ballerinas are so cute! ;)

I'm pretty sure Meredith won't be wearing this outfit on her second birthday, like Mackenzie did!

Meredith is still a big girl and not the same size as Mackenzie at that same age, but thankfully we have a lot of hand me downs!

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  1. LOVE these photos! Those two girls are so adorable! :)


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