Monday, January 21, 2013

Daily Drawings

At the beginning of the school year, I planned for Mackenzie to do a "Daily Drawing".  It's an idea (and printable) I downloaded from 1+1+1=1.  I really intended to do it every time we had school, but it would seem that we forgot quite a bit in the fall.  We are doing better this spring, but it still doesn't happen every day. 

Mackenzie is allowed to draw whatever she likes.  I don't prompt her or give her guidelines.  All I do is ask what color marker or crayon she would like to use and tell her what square to draw in.  With every picture Mackenzie draws, I write what she says it is.  I quote her and she even makes sure I say exactly what she says.  She can't read, but she ALWAYS asks, "did you write....?" ;)  Some of her drawings are so cute and funny, I just had to share!

Here's the first page we filled.  This is late August, so Mackenzie is not quite 4 years old at the time.

Top left: Happy face with ears, arms, legs & hair
Top right: Crown hat with metals
Bottom left: ______?  She says it was grass, but I just don't remember
Bottom right: person on a surf board

Early September, up to two weeks before she turned 4.
Top Left: Smiley face with cheeks next to the eyes
Top Right: person waiting to pay at the grocery store
Bottom Left: silly hat with decorations (looking at it from above)
Bottom Right: person sitting down, eating with a thing that helps you breath (not sure what the "thing" is)

This is about the time we slowed down with the drawing - September through early November.  Mackenzie is 4 years old.
Top Left: a state, Colorado (see the "c")
Top Right: a silly hat with silly stuff on it
Bottom Left: waterfall with an F and a dot (???)
Bottom Right: rocket ship with people going to the moon.  With some people driving and some people sitting in the back.

These last two have dates that are overlapping because we accidentally skipped some squares, but either way, they were drawn in the last 2 months.

Top Left: a baby giraffe
Top Right: a momma giraffe
Bottom Left: Chilly from Doc McStuffins (a snowman from a Disney TV show)
Bottom Right: a silly hat with jewels and string to hold the jewels (can you tell she likes to draw silly hats?)

And the most recent drawings are on this sheet.
Top Left: Idaho (it's a little light, but I was quite impressed with her remembering what Idaho looks like)
Top Right: a winter hat and a cowboy hat
Bottom Left: Meredith when she is part growned up (exactly what she said)
Bottom Right: Grass that is zig zag

So those are her daily drawings.  We'll do more this week and I'm looking forward to seeing what's on her mind!  Maybe another "silly hat"? ;)

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