Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tuesday with Tiny (vol 2)

Our elf, Tiny, is a little low key, but he still makes us laugh.  Mackenzie wakes up and instantly comes into the living room saying "Tiiiiiinnnnyyyyy." 

On Wednesday, Mackenzie needed a packed lunch for the day and Tiny kindly stepped up and packed her lunch over night.  Unfortunately, Mackenzie didn't like the corn syrup, artichoke hearts, dried pasta and prunes! ;)
On Thursday, we found Tiny listening to some music at the kitchen table.
Tiny must be missing the snow, because on Friday, we found him making snow angles in coconut - the best he could do here in southeast Texas.
Saturday, he decided our new stockings looked comfy.
On Sunday we found him trying to climb the girls' new tent!
Those elves sure do like syrup!
And finally, this morning we found him trying to put our Christmas puzzle together.

I wonder what he'll be up to this next week? ;)

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