Thursday, December 13, 2012

Preschool K3 - Unit 7

So, I tried to write this post Monday night and was blocked uploading pictures because I had reached my 1 gig limit on the Picasa Web albums (used by blogger).  Anyways, to make a long story short, I'm slowly replacing my larger pictures previously uploaded with smaller photos.  I currently have 5 percent free space and was able to upload these school photos.

Unit 7 took place during the week of Thanksgiving, so I added some Thanksgiving activities to go along with it.  The downside to blogging so many weeks after the unit, is that I don't always remember the funny things that Mackenzie says while we have school.  I try to remember everything, but she says so many cute things that I just can't remember it all.  Anyways, here is the breakdown of what we studied in Unit 7:

Our story was Joseph and his coat of many colors.  She loved making a puppet and drawing the stripes on his "coat".
We also water colored Joseph's coat...
Of course, she couldn't just paint one we brought out the princess water color book.  There were princesses in the bible! ;)

Of course, we couldn't pass up the turkey coloring sheet from Over the Big Moon.
Another fun activity we did was to roll and stamp turkeys.  Very simple, but she liked using the dot markers to count the turkeys as we took turns rolling the die.  This game and sheet came from a Thanksgiving pack from Creative Learning Fun.
This Thanksgiving Measurement sheet is from Our Little Monkeys.
This was a little more difficult for Mackenzie.  I asked her to cross out the numbers at the height of each object.  We looked at each number and I asked her, "is the corn taller than the number 1?", "...number 2?" and so on.  Each time she would say, "no".  I guess we have worked on the word "bigger", but we might not have fully discussed the concept of "taller".  We got through the sheet, but it took longer than I thought it would.  At least now I know another concept we should work on.

One of the many turkey's we made this week was a number turkey from 2Teaching Mommies.

We had to make the handprint turkey, of course.  I set up the high chair and taped the paper to the tray in an attempt to make a turkey with Meredith.  She took one look at the paint brush in my hand and clamped her hand shut.  I tried a little to open it, but gave up.  I guess we'll have Meredith's hand prints another time!
On a day where the high was probably 68, we wore ski caps inside! ;)  Did you know that hats and nutter butters are very helpful in completing an activity?  This particular one is a people and food sort from 1+1+1=1's Thanksgiving pack.
Another day, another hat, another turkey!  This time, the turkey had a song that I sang and I chose a color for her to match the feather.  This was super easy for her, but she enjoyed the song and the gluing of the feathers.  This was also from 1+1+1=1.

Our "science" unit was discussing emergencies vs. non-emergencies.  She sorted pictures of emergencies and non-emergencies from Hubbard's Cupboard Bible and Rhyme curriculum.  This was pretty interesting and I'm really glad we talked about it.  Apparently to Mackenzie, burned toast IS and emergency! ;)  After talking about it, she is now clear about what is and is not an emergency.  Although, the drama that comes with stubbing a toe or hitting a finger on the wall, might prove otherwise. ;)

Since we were talking about emergencies and how the police and fire department help you in an emergency, I thought it would be fun to do this fingerprint activity from Lawteedah.  Her thumb was super green by the end! ;)
We also did some prewriting sheets from Homeschool Creation's Fireman preschool pack.
Part of the "Emergency" theme was learning about road signs too.  We looked at the signs and discussed the shapes they made.  We also tried to find the signs we were out driving around.
We also made a stop light with a paper towel tube and played "red light green light" with yellow light mixed in! ;)

The counting bears are always a hit with her.  We do all kinds of things with them, but it always ends in some sort of pretend food play.   
Alphabet bingo was fun to play.  It went much better than 6 or 7 months ago when we played.  She "gets" the idea of the game as well as the letter sounds, so it was much easier to play with her.  Fortunately, I chose two boards for us that had the exact same letter, so we tied!  yay! ;)

And finally, one of our activities was the number clothespin match from Confessions of a Homeschooler.  I think I told this story in another post, but when we got down to these last two numbers, she said, "only 4 and 5 are left."  When I asked her how she knew that she said, "the 4 makes a square and the 5 is a square with a dot in the middle."  It looks like she's learning from all of the dice games/activities we've been playing.

Coming up...Unit 8 - Moses (baby through the burning bush).

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