Monday, December 31, 2012

December Photo Love

It's the end of the month, so that means it's time for my December photo favorites.  Surprisingly, even with Christmas I didn't take too many pictures this month.  I think I stayed so busy that I didn't take too many photos.

There's nothing like sandles and short sleeve shirts when sitting in Santa's lap.  Only in South Texas!
Meredith fell asleep one afternoon on the couch.
When I tried to move her, she just rolled over and went back to sleep!

Mackenzie had a dance recital this month that I'll eventually blog about! ;)
The girls showed some sisterly love laying in Mackenzie's bed.
This picture is so funny!  We were acting out the 10 plagues in school a couple of weeks ago and Mackenzie was Pharaoh.  Her faces are so funny to me. 
We played dress up with Meredith the other day and had her wear the ballerina costume Mackenzie wore when she was 2!  It was only a little big for her! :/
Another dress up outfit and very cute smile!
I told Mackenzie to smile and she sort of posed for the picture.
The hands are blurry in the picture below, but this is basically Meredith's reaction when she does something we tell her to do something (one of her "tricks").
Brandon's mom took some pictures of us before church yesterday which makes me happy since I'm rarely in pictures with the girls.
And we even included Brandon! ;)
December is almost gone and I'm ready for the new year!  How about you?

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