Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Craft & Experiment

The Thursday before Christmas Mackenzie had a lot of dental work done, so on Friday we just had a pajama day.  I randomly decided we should do a couple of Christmas crafts or activities, so I pulled up my handy dandy pinterest board and picked something to do.  The first one was pretty fun for me and Mackenzie both.  The idea comes from Growing a Jeweled Rose.

First we filled a pie plate with milk and sprinkled some glitter on top.  Red and Green for Christmas, of course. ;)
We also added a food coloring to the quarters of the circle (although it didn't do what it was supposed to do). 
Next, we dipped a popsicle stick in some dish soap and then put it in the milk.  The glitter instantly spread apart and made this star!  So cool! ;)
It was supposed to swirl around and cause the food coloring to get all "swirly", but as I said before, it didn't do that.  So, instead, Mackenzie swirled around herself!
 She played with it a LONG time!
Even adding more glitter!  She was pretending she was cooking something and those were the spices.

After that was cleaned up, I made a popsicle stick tree for her to paint.
Once the tree was dry, I told her she could decorate the tree with jewels and pom poms. 
At first, she only decorated the ends of the tree, but when I told her she could put the jewels anywhere...
She got excited and filled the tree up! 

We did other Christmas activities with school, but sadly, these were are only crafts this year.  We didn't even make cookies this year. :(  Maybe next year!

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