Friday, December 7, 2012

TV Time

When we moved 2 years ago, we couldn't transfer our cable TV provider so rather than go back to an old provider we didn't like, we decided to forgo cable TV.  For 2 years we've been watching TV using an antennae.  That means watching shows when they are "live", watching commercials & not recording anything.  It also means only the basic channels and having to move the antennae for CBS shows.  For 2 years we've been fine with the exception of frustration here and there when we can't watch an Aggie football game or if the antennae can get a clear signal.  But, the last few months we had started looking into getting some sort of cable/satellite TV and the straw that broke the camel's back was Thanksgiving day.

The Texans game was on CBS - the channel with the poorest reception and my family was forced to watch a static filled game.  When Brandon and I watch TV on CBS we barely have any issues, but since we had 7 extra people in our house on Thanksgiving, I guess there was interference.  No one could be in the kitchen or you couldn't watch football.  I think everyone finally gave up and left before the game was over.  After everyone was gone, Brandon and I watched it without any issues!  Crazy antennae!

Anyways, to make a short story long, we finally got satellite TV! ;)  I think we were most excited about clear pictures that don't require adjusting the antennae!  Of course we've also loved being able to record shows and watch them later without commercials.  Since we have the movie channels temporarily, I've been recording some movies to watch, since I haven't seen new movies in quite some time.  Yesterday I watched Girl with A Pearl Earring and recorded Extremely Loud and Incredibly close.  Tomorrow night I'm recording War Horse.  I'm determined to catch up on all of the movies I've missed in this month or two that I have of free movies!  ;)

So, we have our basic shows that we watch and have added a few that we were looking forward to watching (Duck Dynasty & Pioneer Woman).  When Downton Abbey and Mad Men come back on in the spring I'll be recording and watching those, but what I'd like to know is what other shows should I be watching?  It would be nice to have something else to watch after the girls go to bed or when I'm ironing so that I don't have to flip through all of our channels.  I know I've blogged about being lazy or a slacker with Mackenzie's school and I was a little worried that I might want to watch too much TV, but I've done really well these last two weeks and we even did school 3 days this week! Yay us! ;)  I'm an adult, surely I can have self control over watching TV, right?

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