Friday, December 28, 2012

Adventures with Tiny 2012 (vol. 4)

Wow, it's already been an entire week since my last post.  I'm so on top of blogging this month! ;)  Anyways, since I missed this past Tuesday's installment of Tuesday with Tiny, I've renamed it "Adventures with Tiny"!  Let's see what he did the last few days he was with us.

On Wednesday he was found drinking out of Mackenzie's water bottle.
Thursday he played around on the computer and typed Mackenzie's name several times.  For this one I had planned on typing a letter to Santa, but that seemed redundant since he is supposed to fly back to Santa each night and report his "findings". 
For Friday, he made himself a little house to sit it...
 And then on Saturday, he was packed and ready to accompany us to Dallas!
While in Dallas, he did appear in different places, but I was lazy and didn't take pictures of his locations.  Oops.

Anyways, Tiny is now officially back at the North Pole and most of our decorations have been taken down.  The trees are still up and technically the decorations haven't been packed up, but the living room does look "normal" again.  The day after Christmas we did NOTHING!  After what seemed like such a busy holiday season, it was nice to have a pajama day the day after Christmas and play and look at all of our new goodies! ;)

I'm trying to get back into a bloggy groove, so hopefully, I'll do a Christmas recap soon.  Here's hoping I can break my previous years records and actually blog about it before New Years!

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