Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Blog Recap

Wow!  You get 2 posts from me in ONE day!  Lucky you! ;)

For several years now, I've done a year end blog recap on New Years Eve and this year is no different.  I've come to enjoy these recaps as they are a nice way to wrap up the year and look back to see what I thought was important enough or silly enough to blog about.  Let's see what 2012 looked like...

January...I blogged the most in January (26 posts) and it was filled with Christmas crafts & organization.  January was also when I started "school" with Mackenzie and had my first few recap posts for Raising Rock Stars Preschool here, here and here.  I'd say my favorite post that I just came across is this one.  It's those posts that I'm thankful for because had I not blogged about it, I wouldn't have completely forgotten it!

February...My biggest project in February was reorganizing the Playroom and based on what it looks like right now, I might be doing the same thing again this February! Ha! I did quite a few flashback posts here, here and here, had a low key Valentine's day and made a new best friend! ;)

March...I think my one of my favorite posts was when I posted pictures of Mackenzie jumping!  We went strawberry picking, attempted to make cake pops and visited Mamaw for the first time.  I also learned that getting two kids to smile at the same time is hard!

April...Such a busy month - Meredith started crawling, we went to the zoo, we went "camping" and "swimming"!  I also finished my 2010 blog book and we had a great Easter.

May...3 of us got our hair cut, Mackenzie had her first dance recital, Brandon had a birthday and we went to Georgetown to visit Brandon's mom.  I also made some finger puppets.

June...Meredith learned some new tricks, Mackenzie learned how to "play" with Meredith, we went to the playground, I made pretty neat Father's Day cards/posters, and went swimming.  It was a great start to the summer!

July...Busy, Busy, Busy!  Mackenzie took swim lessons in June, but I posted about them in July, we had a great Fourth of July holiday, we went to the circus, the "beach" and to see the Lion King.  The last 3 were all firsts for Mackenzie!  I made a sensory bin and Meredith turned 11 months old.

August...I attempted some Pinterest pins, prepared and prepared for the girls birthday party, enjoyed our last day of "summer", had our first day of school and Meredith turned 1 year old!

September...Mackenzie turned 4 and we had a big birthday party for the girls!  We went to the Children's Museum, Meredith started walking and I recapped our first two weeks of school for the year here and here.

October...We continued school and Mackenzie made some pretty cute faces with our feeling unit, we visited Granny & Papa's house (this is actually a monthly occurence.) and we attempted to make Gak!  Oh and we also learned that Meredith has favorite dolls when taking pictures!

November...Although it was November, I posted about Halloween and the crafts we did.  I also blogged about my Thanksgiving baking fiasco, some of my favorite videos and all of my quilts.  On average I blogged about every other day, so it was a drastic change from January.  I must be getting busier! ;)

December...The holiday season kept me pretty busy and I didn't blog too many times this December.  The biggest thing that happened was Tiny coming for a visit (1, 2, 3, 4)!  I also recapped our trip to Fredericksburg in November and we did some Christmas crafts just before Christmas.

About half way through the year I started adding a monthly "Photo Love" blog post where I show my favorite photos from the month.  I love that post because it allows me to sit down and look through my photos from the month.  I am able to reflect on everything we've done and sometimes see photos that I had completely forgotten about.

So that's 2012!  It's been a great year and I am looking forward to 2013!  Happy New Year!

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