Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Some favorite videos of mine

I have two cameras.  My "big" camera is my Canon EOS digital SLR.  Brandon bought it for me for my birthday after Mackenzie was born.  I use is all the time and for about 99% of my photos.  The remaining one percent are taken with my little canon camera.  It's a "point and shoot" camera that I've had for 7 years.  I take it with me on outings that I don't want to "lug around" my big camera.  I typically use my little camera to take small videos of the girls.  We have an actual digital video camera, but since I still don't know how to transfer the videos from it to my computer, I use the little camera.  Anyways, I say all this to tell you that I have quite a few favorite videos of the girls and I thought I'd share.

Mackenzie was invited to a gymnastics birthday party a couple of weeks ago.  This shy girl pretty much played by herself.  And since she's not that daring, jumping on the trampoline and rolling down the mats (video) was pretty much all that she did.  She says she had fun, but I think she would have had more fun if she would just relax a little more.  But it was a new environment, so there was no chance of that.

With the nice weather we've been having, we've playing at the neighborhood playgrounds lately.  A few weeks ago, Mackenzie had us reinacting some tv show she had seen.  Right now everything she talks about seems to be about winter activities.  I've tried to explain to her that we won't ever go ice skating outside here in southeast Texas, but that doesn't stop her pretending!
I think I mentioned the Songs for Saplings CD the other day and below is a video of the girls singing and dancing to the CD.  I LOVE that Mackenzie is singing a bible verse.  It makes me smile EVERY time I hear her sing these songs.

Not to be outdone, Meredith has "tricks" too!  She likes to bow and looks so cute doing it!

So...my favorite videos.  Hope you liked them!

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