Monday, November 26, 2012

Preschool K3 - Unit 6

After realizing what a slacker I had been with Mackenzie's schooling, I threw Unit 6 together for her the week after Halloween. It is basically the bible story and a hodge podge of other activities.  No sight words, memory verses, letter of the week or anything else we had been doing up to that point.  I'm a total slacker. Boo! :(

And now for the details...

Bible Story:
Our bible story was about Jacob and Esau, particularly how Esau traded his birth right for Lentil stew.  She had recently had a lesson on this story in bible class at church, so it was a bit of a review, but that's ok. It's always good to hear God's word.  ;)

I drew and cut out a pot (that she insisted look like her pots in her play kitchen) and she cut out the "vegetables" and glued everything down. 

We also acted out the scene with the play food, but I don't have any pictures. :/

Fall Theme:
I had a huge stack of Fall sheets and I let her pick which ones she wanted to do.  I don't think I have a picture of everything she did, but most are below.

Like I said last week, she loves these coloring sheets from Over the Big Moon.
 She also chose to color this scare crow color by number.
3 Dinosaurs had another wonderful pack and we did a few sheets out of it.

This number maze from 1+1+1=1 was a great exercise for her number recognition skills.  We've done a lot of these mazes with the alphabet, but not any numbers, especially numbers that had to be in order from 1-20.
This pumpkin roll and color was also a fun one for us.  We took turns rolling the dice and coloring a pumpkin.  
The dice rolling is helping her to see the numbers instantly.  As a preview to unit 7, she told me in one activity, that the 4 and 5 were the only ones left in a particular activity.  When I asked her how she knew that she said, "because the 4 has the dots in a square and the 5 is the one with the dots in a square plus one in the middle."  So proud of her for remembering that!


This is actually one of Meredith's new toys, but she still enjoyed playing with it.

One afternoon we also pulled out the tangrams.  In the picture below, she's upset that I'm taking the picture before she is finished.  Silly girl! ;)

I found this ice cube tray a few weeks ago at Target and the shells were the perfect size to put inside.  She used the tongs for about half the holes and then just used her fingers.  As usual, afterwards she played kitchen for a little while and we ate "muffins".
Dish Theme:
I downloaded a new "Dishes" Pack from 3Dinosaurs on a Friday night and on Saturday morning, Mackenzie asked if we could do it.  "Sure, we can do school on a Saturday!"

The pack is awesome and so cute to learn about dishes and place settings.  We didn't do everything, but we did do the typical number order puzzles...

The shadow matching was cute and Mackenzie really liked it.  It even came in handy when she helped my mom set the table for Thanksgiving! ;)

At one point I was doing something else while Mackenzie was working on one of the sheets and I heard her say, "but it doesn't have a 2 or 3!"  Sure enough, there was a little mistake on one of the sheets, but when I told Cassie at 3Dinosaurs, she fixed it right away!

The new thing we worked on was some beginner math.  I laminated the math sheets and we did quite a few of them.  She learned fairly quickly to count her fingers to add the dishes and find the total.

We also worked on greater than/less than for the first time using the symbol and she picked that up pretty quickly.  I used the "alligator wants the bigger portion" method and she kept "chomping" up the dishes! ;)

So, after looking back at what we did, I guess we did quite a bit, but since we didn't have our memory verse and sight words, it didn't feel like a complete lesson.  Up next...Joseph and his coat of many colors!

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  1. I love your use of my packs! Thanks for letting me know about the error!


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