Monday, November 5, 2012

Meredith is 14 months old!

So, after Monday's monthly picture sessions, I tried again on Halloween.  I took the bear pictures first and didn't even get the owl until after the bear pictures were taken.  As for her stats, she stepped on our scale and weighs 27 pounds.  My attempt at measuring her height proved to be a little difficult, but I think she is 32 inches.
At 14 months Meredith...
- is starting to run faster, almost at a trot.
- is transitioning to one nap a day and is waking up far too early now a days.
- asks to "eee" as soon as she wakes up every morning.
- loves candy and sweets and know they are located in the pantry.  She will say "eee" and then point to the pantry.
- still has 8 teeth (4 top, 4 bottom), but I think a molar is breaking through on the bottom left.
- screams at such a high pitch when she's upset that she set off the house alarm the other morning.  Apparently it's the same pitch as a window breaking. :/
- wears 18 month clothing and size 4.5 or 5 shoe
- loves to put toys in and out of a basket or bucket or anything similar
- loves to have her teeth brushed.  When I brush Mackenzie's teeth, she's right there next to us trying to get hers brushed too.
- loves to sing or hear music.
- if you ask for kisses, she smacks her lips but doesn't actually give you any kisses.

Here is the girls' comparison picture.  Notice how Meredith is leaning way over to the side?  Clearly, Mackenzie likes the bear a lot more than Meredith!
And just for fun, I thought I'd show what happened when I put the owl in the chair with her.  If she could talk, I believe she would have said, "here, take this." ;)

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