Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I'm still here...

Wow - an entire week without blogging.  I'd like to say it was because we went on some awesome European vacation or we won the lottery or some other good excuse, but the truth is time got away from me.  Life is pretty busy with two little ones.  Although it was just as busy before they came along.  Thursday of last week was the only day we stayed in all day.  It was nice.  The rest of the week's activities (visiting Granny and Papa, Ladies Bible Class, Dance and playdate with friends) were great, but sometimes there is nothing like staying home all day without any plans!

The last day I blogged was the day I took Mackenzie to the dentist.  Also known as the day that will live in infamy. Ha!  This is her 3rd trip in 9 months.  The first two were 6 months apart like normal, but since Mackenzie didn't let them touch her teeth, we decided she should start going more often to lessen the fear.  We warned her that if she threw a fit, like the time before (and the time before that), she would not get to watch TV for the rest of the day.  The fit was so horrible that she actually lost TV for two days.  Just when she was going to get to watch A tv show on Thursday, she threw a huge tantrum on Wednesday evening, so no TV on Thursday during the day.  Brandon did let her watch a movie while I was gone Thursday evening and she watched limited TV on Friday.  Saturday brought a new day and she seemed to be doing well until lunch time when again, she threw yet another fit.  After her spanking I told her that if that's how she was going to act after watching TV the day before, then she wouldn't have any tv the rest of the weekend.  It kind of worked although she doesn't always care about what she's watching TV.  She sat and watched episodes of Big Bang Theory with me on Sunday afternoon, so I guess I didn't truly enforce the punishment.

Yesterday and today, I'm trying something new.  She is rewarded for her behavior based on half days.  Yesterday, since she was very well behaved and did not argue with me at all, she was able to watch a 30 minute tv show at lunch.  Actually, she argued once with me, but all it took was an "excuse me?" and she quickly changed her tune.  No humongous fit that required a spanking or being sent to her room, so I allowed the TV time.  Then, last night she was able to watch a Veggie Tale video because of her excellent behavior in the afternoon.  Today we are doing the same thing.  She is currently watching Caillou while I blog and Meredith naps.  When it's finished we'll do more school and later go out to play.

It's no surprise that without TV, we've been playing more inside and outside.  It's actually really nice and I wish we had done this sooner.  I had gotten really lax with the TV watching and it seemed like it was always on.  I think that is probably one of the reasons we are also lagging behind in school.  Who wants to do school when you can watch TV, be on facebook or in general do nothing?  Basically, I've been lazy and have been letting my laziness spread to my girls.  Things are a changin', so get ready! ;) 

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