Sunday, November 4, 2012

Happy halloween...a little late!

We had a low key Halloween.  Brandon took the girls trick or treating while I passed out candy.  They went to about a dozen houses, but still got quite a bit of candy.  Brandon said that every time Mackenzie was allowed to pick a candy she always chose he dum dum suckers.  Forget the m&m's, hershey bars, twixes...she wanted the cheap sucker.  I'll have to work on that between now and next year so that she'll pick the right candy for me next year! ;)

Once the girls were home, Mackenzie wanted to hand out the candy when trick or treaters came to the door.  Every time the door bell would ring she would ask if she could help.  She would then proceed to run down the hallway saying, "wait for me, momma!"  A couple of the costumes were a little too scary for her and made her stop in her tracks on the way to the door.  Afterwards, she would question me about why that particular person wore that mask.  My favorite question was when she asked me why I gave candy to an adult after she saw a high schooler come to the door.  Even a 4 year old realizes that sometimes you are just too old to trick or treat. ;)

Hope everyone else had a great Halloween.  I'll post soon about the Halloween activities we did including our attempt at pumpkin carving.

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