Thursday, November 15, 2012

Halloween crafts & activities

You'd think after 2 weeks I wouldn't bother posting about our Halloween crafts, but I am. ;) We did quite a few crafts/activities and I had a ton of things planned, but remember my post two days ago about being lazy?  Yeah, the laziness crept in with these activities.

One morning we did a matching game and a few puzzles that I made last year.  Since it was sort of a last minute thing that we did, I didn't get me picture out until later in the morning after we had done quite a few things.
I carved another pumpkin this year in the hopes that Mackenzie might actually touch the pumpkin insides.

No such luck.  The minute I cut into it, she complained about the smell and didn't really want to be a part of it.  She did direct me in what kind of face to carve.  She wanted mad.

Since Mackenzie wasn't really into the pumpkin carving, I let her draw on the big pumpkin.  According to her, this pumpkin is surprised - mouth open, teeth showing. ;)  The red circles are his cheeks and she even drew his nostrils (looks like a pig).  I'm not quite sure what the squiggly line around he eye is, but this is what she wanted it to look like, so whatever.
Before we carved the small pumpkin, we "observed" it using the sheet from 2 Teaching Mommies pumpkin pack.   She loves to do these observation sheets because she doesn't really need my help.  The pictures make it fairly easy for her to figure out the question.  The bottom left picture in the collage is her listening to the pumpkin to see if it makes sounds.  It doesn't. ;)

After the pumpkin was carved and the seeds were all dried out, we made a pumpkin seed booklet from the Daily Alphabet, although I think I downloaded it through teachers pay teachers.
After the counting book, she just wanted to glue some seeds.  There was no real rhyme or reason, at least that I could tell. ;)
I downloaded a huge halloween pack from 3Dinosaurs that we didn't even come close to finishing, but we did do quite a bit of it (not all pictured).  The next 3 pictures are activities from this set.

This was a cute little tracing sheet that made her really pay attention when the lines crossed.
She also likes these tracing sheets...
I love watching her draw her lines to match images on either side of the paper.  Her lines have so many curves and it makes me smile every time.
This was a pumpkin and jack-o-lantern sort from 1+1+1=1
This was one of our fun crafts, because who doesn't like to do crafts with marshmallows and then eat the remaining?  This mummy idea came from pinerest, but I think it was much smaller in scale.  We made it a huge mummy head! ;)
I leave you with our last activity, a paper jack-o-lantern.  I actually printed and cut all of this last year for us to do.  When we didn't do it, I put it in our halloween folder and filed it away.  When I pulled it out for this year, I couldn't find the nose, so she made a "clear nose" instead (only glue).
I found the nose 2 days later, so she glued it on after all, but I didn't take a picture.  I think the noseless jack-o-lantern is cuter! ;)

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