Sunday, November 25, 2012

Gift Bags galore!

Brandon asked me the other day if I could clean out the hall closet and organize or move all of the wrapping paper/gift bag mess.  I clean it up every few months, but then a holiday or birthday passes and the closet becomes a mess of paper, bags and wrapping paper again.  I didn't take any before pictures, but this is what it looked like when I first pulled everything out into the living room.

And this is where all of that used to be...

In the first pictures, I had already started sorting through some of it, but I still had more bags to go through.  I looked at each bag and decided if I would truly use the bag again.  Some of them had been saved so long they were a little rumpled and I didn't see myself giving those to someone else.  I sorted the bags into categories (christmas, birthday, misc, plain) and straightened and folded the tissue paper, too.

I put all of the wrapping paper rolls that would fit into my organizer that I've had for years...
 the longer rolls will just have to sit in the closet by themselves. 

In the end I put the bags in the guest room closet and the organizer stayed in the hall closet.  Ideally, I would like them to be together, but both closets need to be organized as a whole in order for that to happen, so it is what it is.  Maybe after Christmas I'll be able to take a day (or two) and clean out the closets all the way. 

I do have to say, that this was a perfect project to do just before Thanksgiving because as frustrating as the mess is, it made me realize how blessed our family is to have had so many gifts given to us over the years.  I have not bought a gift bag in some time and yet we have 2 large bags FULL of gift bags.  So blessed!

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