Saturday, November 3, 2012

A list of random stories

It's that time again.  Time for a mind dump of all the funny stories of Mackenzie and Meredith that I've been keeping in my head for a few weeks.  None of them warrant a post on their own, so they all get thrown together in one post.

1.)  Last Saturday after telling Mackenzie that the next day was Sunday, she said "I love bible class and bible hour."  After smiling and telling her how glad I was that she liked them she said, "and church is good too."  It's clear which areas are geared more to her age. ;)

2.)  Meredith loves for us to sing the Itsy Bitsy Spider.  A couple of months ago, a nursery volunteer at church sang this song to Meredith during church and now it's her favorite.  She'll just stare at you and move her fingers together like the spider action and babble until we sing it.  When we are finished she claps and then says something that we assume means "again."  In general she loves any music and anything we sing, but she knows how to request Itsy Bitsy Spider.
3.)  In the car we mainly listen to the girls' music - classic songs like Old Macdonald and bible songs.  One of our new favorites is a CD called Songs for Saplings ABC's.  We've actually had the CD for quite a while, but Mackenzie never wanted to listen to it.  (change isn't her forte)  I was such a mean mother when I made her listen to it several months ago in the car and what do you know, she likes it! ;)  They are really cute, catchy tunes that teach bible verses.  We listen to them in the car, at home and even sing them on our own sometime.  My favorite website, 1+1+1=1, made some printables to go with the songs that I'm going to print next week for us to use.  If you don't have this CD, I highly recommend you go out and buy it!

4.)  On Wednesday morning, while going into Ladies Bible Class, Mackenzie tripped and scraped her knee on the concrete.  It bled and she cried.  A LOT.  A lot of crying, not too much blood.  I was able to give Meredith to one of my friends to take her to the nursery while I cleaned up Mackenzie's knee.  I finally got her calmed down and she was going to her class with her friends when she got sick and we got to see her breakfast again! :/  She had apparently worked herself up so much that she got sick to her stomach.  As I took her back to the bathroom to get her cleaned up I told her I would get Meredith and we would go home.  Her response through tears was, "And I don't ever want to go here, ever again!" ;)  It's a pretty bad morning when one of your favorite places becomes a place you don't ever want to go again!

5.)  Mackenzie is a bit obsessed with people getting married.  She marries her dolls, she marries herself and she marries us.  According to Mackenzie, the boy and girl stand in front of "the man" aka the minister and he says, "I pronounce you husband and wife.  You may kiss the bride".  For the kiss, the bride MUST be dipped while she is kissed. ;)  I'll have to go back through all of the disney movies to see how many do that, cause I don't know where else she would have seen that.  Either way, it's so funny to see her do it.

6.)  Oh, one last story I have to share is one that Brandon shared with me.  Last night she told Brandon randomly, "When I grow up, get married and move to another house, I'm going to have lots of babies."  Brandon laughed and asked how many and she answered "uh, nine."  ;)  The moving to another house was something we had just talked about recently when she said that Brandon and I would live at a different house like my parents do.  I told her that she would actually be the one to go to another house when she got married and I guess that was an acceptable answer. As for the babies, we'll see! ;)

Have a great weekend!!!

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