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Preschool K3 - Week 3

We took a break from school with all of the party planning chaos and since I had so many activities I wanted to include in this unit, we didn't complete the unit until after the party.  I just counted the different outfits Mackenzie has in all of the pictures and it looks like we worked on this unit for 7 days!  I recall that a couple of days we only did a few items before Meredith woke up from a nap or we had to go somewhere.  Little by little we completed almost everything I had planned.  The bible lesson was the story of Adam & Eve and it seemed only natural to add a letter A and apple unit. 

One of the activities I started last year but didn't keep up with it was our Friends and Family binder.  Thanks to Hubbard's Cupboard, you can print the alphabet pages and cover sheet so that for each letter you study, you can add your friends and family's names that start with that particular letter.
Since we did a few letter last year and then stopped, I'll just replace those letter sheet when we get to them.  For the letter A we had my aunt Annette, Mackenzie's Aunt Aubrey and her friend Abigail.  I use photos from Facebook or my own files and create their tag in Microsoft office.  Mackenzie then cuts out their names and glues them to the page.  We talk about who they are and how their name begins with A and then pray for them each night before we go to bed.  This helps us to have particular people to pray for each night.
Thanks to my mother-in-law we have a United States place mat as our map on our wall.  I put it just below our calendar so that we can look at each state as we learn about it.
This was the first week we had all 6 "...of the day" objects from 1+1+1=1.  I think I'm going to use the shape, color and animal sections to introduce Spanish words. 
Since I don't speak Spanish, these handy dandy cards are great! ;)
While tracing and looking for triangles, Mackenzie surprised me and pointed out the tops of the owl book ends as triangles!

Bible Story: 
Our bible story was about Adam & Eve and the fall of man.  Our memory verse was Psalm 119:11 "I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you."  I made our verse print out again, but I think I'm going to have to start making some sort of activity with our verse to help us memorize it other than just saying it over and over again.
After reading the story of Adam and Eve, we reinforced it each day with a different activity.  She colored a mini book and we read it a couple of times.

I think her favorite was the finger puppet from  We took turns being Adam & Eve and retelling the story.
On another day she colored a picture of Adam and Eve leaving the Garden of Eden.  If you look at the picture closely, you'll see an "x" on the right side.  When I asked her what the X was for she said she drew it because I didn't make jello circles for her party.  That prompted a discussion on being thankful since I made a lot of stuff for her party.  She then said, "Oh I forgot, I drew and X because I want to write my letters."  Nice recovery. ;)

Letter A:
Tracing A's...
Learning sign language from 1+1+1=1...
We talked about the different sounds A makes using worksheets from Preschool Palace and a free packet I got from Teachers Pay Teachers.

Our letter A craft was A is for Alligator from No Time for Flashcards.

With fall starting in most of the country (with the exception of southeast Texas), I had a ton of apple activities I had found online.  I had to narrow it down A LOT and we still had a ton of activities, some of which are not pictured below.  She likes when we roll the large dice Brandon made us, so we did this roll and apple from 1+1+1=1.

We worked on following directions and a little math with this worksheet from Preschool Palace.

She measured different items using a large apple cut out.  On a side note, isn't the super hero cape so cute?  She and Meredith received coordinating capes for their birthday.  The great thing, is they can take turns using each others without any issues since they both have M's!  Thanks Abigail (Jayna)!;)
Mackenzie really liked the trip to the grocery store at the beginning of this unit.  We bought 5 different kinds of apples so that we could taste test them.  We typically only buy Golden Delicious and Gala apples, so this time we added Pink Ladies, Fuji and Granny Smith to our basket.  We used one of the apples to cut open and look inside to count the seeds.  Unfortunately, in the half we cut, there was only 1 seed, so not much fun, but oh well.  Mackenzie spread lemon juice on one half and we let the two halves sit out for several hours before looking at them again.  The picture doesn't show it very well, but she could see that the half without lemon juice had turned brown.  She's only 4, so we didn't go into detail about how it happened, but it was a fun experiment anyway.
I only recorded the first apple we tasted because it was the only one we tried during school.  We "observed" a Pink Lady apple and it was delicious.  The apple observation sheet is from 2 Teaching mommies and I absolutely love these worksheets because she doesn't have to know what the words say, but can still answer all of the questions.
Our painting activity didn't go quite as planned since Mackenzie didn't really like painting with the apples.  They were a little hard to pick up after they were put on the paper, so I had to help her.  In the end, she just wanted to paint with the brush.  When she was finished she told me she had painted an apple.  Sure enough, it looks like an apple, complete with a green stem!

An unplanned activity of playing with a new birthday present was great fun!  These magneatos are awesome.  I had put them on Mackenzie's amazon wishlist after seeing them on a couple of blogs I read.  They are magnetic and all of the parts are too big to swallow, so Meredith can play with them too.  Yay!  We built several things, but Mackenzie also wanted to build some letters, so we worked on them together.
This fill in the missing letter worksheet was a little difficult for Mackenzie, so I think we'll be doing more of these to reinforce the alphabet sequence.
Since apples grow on trees, we talked about what other fruit grows on trees.
Some were a little more difficult to figure out! ;)
Since we eat Applejacks on a regular basis, we used them to make patterns and do some simple math.  Followed of course, by eating all of our manipulatives!
We actually ventured outside for one activity and jumped around.  I drew squares with numbers in them and then she had to hop/jump to whatever number I called out.

Sight Words: 
Our sight words for this unit were "not" and "my". We did our usual color by number from 1+1+1=1, word hunt from Confessions of a homeschooler and word path from 3Dinosaurs.

So that's week 3, three weeks after we started!  We start week 5 this afternoon, so I guess I'll be editing week 4 photos this week.  We still love to do school, but the small break for the party kind of through us out of our school schedule and we are struggling to get back into the routine.  We'll get there, but we might just be taking more than one week for each unit.  That's ok though, we aren't pressed for time, so it doesn't really matter.  

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