Monday, October 15, 2012

Outside Play

I'll be the first to admit, I'm not much for outdoors activities unless they involve a swimming pool.  Maybe it's because Houston is soooooo hot and humid for 8 months out of the year and I just don't care to be in that weather.  Or maybe it's because for 31 years I was indoors for most of the day - school, work, college, work, etc.  All I know is that my weariness for being outside has sort of been passed down to Mackenzie.  Actually, she likes to play outside but she has to have me right next to her.  If we go to a playground, she has to have me in her eye sight with in 20 feet. :(  Of course that makes me not really want to be outside even more, if I can't just relax and watch her play.  Since it is getting cooler (high 80s' instead of high 90's), I'm going to try to take the girls outside more.  Monday we went to local playground, Tuesday we walked to our neighborhood playground and Wednesday we went to a playground with the group from Ladie's Class.  With the exception of Wednesday's trip, Mackenzie did run around and play, but again, she had to have me right there next to her.  We'll get there, it just takes practice, right? ;)

Meredith on the other hand, is the exact opposite of Mackenzie and would rather be going in the opposite direction of me.  I had kind of been avoiding the outside while Meredith could only crawl because I didn't want her crawling all over the concrete and trying to eat rocks like she did at the beach pool thing we went to this summer.  Now that she's walking more confidently, I decided she would love a trip out to see my grandparents and play outside on their property.  She had a blast outside and with the exception of keeping her away from the pond, she was able to walk around wherever and explore without any worries about getting in the street or falling off playground equipment.

"I love it outside!"
She looks so cute in these jeans!

 Mackenzie liked running around too!
Meredith was a little unsure about walking on the grass.  This is her second try.  The first time, she put her foot down and then moved back to the concrete.  I guess she thought it was too unsteady for her.
But, once Papa helped her walked, she got the hang of it and quickly learned to pick up her feet a little higher to get over the grass.
 Mackenzie and Granny waited for Papa to bring the fish feed around because you can't go to Granny and Papa's and not feed the fish! ;)
Meredith wanted to copy whatever Mackenzie was doing, so she sat down to do Mackenzie's stretches too!
We also took a few group pictures.  I don't really like how my shirt is lying, but since both of the girl are smiling, I'll keep it!
This was the hardest picture to take since Meredith really wanted to move around, but at least we got one fairly good picture.

Just to prove that not all of the pictures turn out like you want them to, here's what happened when I asked Mackenzie to smile...
Oh, thank you sweetie - that's just the shot I wanted! ;)

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