Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Gak = fail

I bought liquid starch several months ago with the intent of making Gak for Mackenzie.  I had pinned the recipe on pinterest thinking it would be fun for Mackenzie to play with.  So, while Meredith was sleeping the other day, I pulled out the glue, starch and food coloring. 

Mackenzie thought it was pretty cool to pour the glue into the starch.
But that's about it. ;)  Mixing it wasn't fun for her, especially if she was going to have to use her hands.  Imagine that!  Mackenzie not want to get her hands dirty?! ;)

In the end, I don't think it came out properly.  It didn't really stick together and I had to drain a lot of the starch off so that it wouldn't be like soup.  I finally put it all in a ziplock bag thinking that would be the best way to throw it away and of course, that's when she decided she would play with it.

I'm torn between making her do stuff like this to get her used to having her hands dirty and just accepting the fact that she's like me and that's just not our thing!  Although, there is one exception to our liking dirty hands.  If it involves food, then we are ok.  I mean who doesn't like to lick their fingers covered in chocolate?  Below is a picture from March, but it is proof that getting dirty is sometimes ok! ;)

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  1. I feel your "no messy hands" pain. Jacob will not do anything messy - shaving cream, oobleck, finger paint. It is NOT going to happen. I tried to push it for a while, but then decided it was jus the way God made him. We have both be a LOT happier since! hahahha Good luck! :)


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