Thursday, October 4, 2012

Craft: Tissue Paper Pom Poms

For the girls' birthday party I used pinterest quite a bit!  One of the popular pins is making your own tissue paper pom poms.  It's supper easy, but does take a little bit of patience so that you don't rip the paper as you are fluffing them.  I used this link for guidance.

I liked doing them so much that I made a total of 5 pom poms.  3 large ones and 2 small.  Because our ceilings are so high and our light fixtures are too low, I didn't hang any of them from the ceiling, but instead chose to put them on the door, wall and on a wooden dowel.

The first ones I made were for the entry way.  I bought several packs of variety colored tissue paper and decided I wanted to make rainbow pom poms.
I used 10 sheets of tissue paper for these and they were really full, especially since I put them against the wall rather than hang them as full circles.
I didn't really focus on color layout when I made the first one, so the colors don't exactly match the party colors I wanted, but it matched the banner I already had from last year.  When I made the second one, I just matched the exact same tissue layout.

After completing those pom poms I decided to make a small pom pom with the rainbow colors of the party.  I only used 6 sheets for these, but since they are smaller, they fill out just fine.
To make it into a centerpiece, I used some small wooden dowels, twist ties and some random stuff I had in my craft/scrapbook supplies.  The pom poms are held together with twist ties, so I used that same twist tie to attach it to the dowel.  
After I had the "flower on a stick", I had to figure out what I was going to put it in.  I found the candy pails I used for Mackenzie's first birthday and since I didn't have Styrofoam, I used craft wire spools to hold the dowel upright. 
Cover it all up with gumballs and you have a very colorful centerpiece.
The final pom pom I made was for the front door.  I liked how the small ones looked, so I did the same thing for the large one and only used the rainbow colors - about 7 sheets of tissue paper.  This kind of became an issue - the small amount of paper.  Since it was pretty large and only had 7 pieces of paper, it didn't fluff very well even when I made it flat on one side to lay against the door.  After I fluffed as much as I could, this what I had...
First of all, the photo is not great because I took these at 11:00pm without any natural light, but what I didn't like was the center.  It's not very pretty and it definitely needed something.  I tried several different things - a large letter M, a "happy birthday" tag and just a plain paper circle, but didn't really like any of them.  I finally just started looking at everything in my craft supplies and ran across my Stampin' Up ribbon and stamping sponges.  Since the ribbon matched the color scheme, I quickly decided to wrap the sponge and create a flower center.

I just used the "tail" of the ball to tie it to the pom pom and voila, I had my door pom pom!

Again, forgive me for the poor photo of the door pom pom, but I forgot to take a picture of it on the door the day of the party, so the 11pm photo is the only one I have.

So, I highly recommend using paper pom poms for party decorations!  They are fairly inexpensive and you can customize them to fit your needs - multicolor, solid, small, big, rounded edges, sharp edges...whatever you want.  Go make one now! ;)


  1. Hi,

    I came upon your blog while looking for a way to put poms poms on walls. Love how yours looks. Can you tell me how you got them to stick to the walls?


    1. I just wrapped the twist tie (from the center) around a push pin and stuck the push pin in the wall.


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