Sunday, September 9, 2012


Occasionally I let Mackenzie play her "ABC" game on the computer.  It's actually and she loves it.  The other day, she managed to move around the website on her own and found different learning areas that she hadn't seen before.  She was even "teaching" me the abc's using sign language.  After that, I looked a little more on the website and found the reading area, which is now her current favorite.  While I was blogging Meredith's 12 month stats on Wednesday, she played video after video in the reading section and when I was finished she showed me some of her favorites.

Since she likes it so much I thought I'd bookmark the website on the ipad, so that she can play it on there too, but unfortunately the site uses a flash player, so it wouldn't work.  She was a little disappointed that it wouldn't work on the ipad, but then by total coincidence I read a blog explaining how to use another free app to play Starfall.  I wasn't even looking for a solution, it just happened to be in the email of a blog I subscribe to.

The app is called Rover and it is a browser that has access to many different educational websites.  I don't know that we've looked at all of them yet, but she was thrilled that she could use Starfall on the ipad all on her own.  I noticed one of the sites is for pbs kids and we've liked playing on that one in the past, so I'm sure all of the sites are good.

Anyways, back to starfall...currently we only use the free portion of Starfall, but you can do a yearly membership for 35 dollars.  I don't know anyone personally that pays for the yearly subscription to know if it's worth it.  Although, I guess for a year of access it's less than $3 a month, so that's not too bad.  And if the rest of the website is as good as the free portion, Mackenzie will probably love all of the access.  I might have to consider for Christmas.  What do you think?  Do any of you subscribe to Starfall?

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  1. When I taught, Starfall was a site I always told parents about! Their stuff is GREAT!!! Way back then it was all free though! hahaha I;m glad you discovered it and reminded me to use it too with the boys. I had totally forgotten about it! :)


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