Monday, September 17, 2012

Preschool K3 - Week 2

Of course, I'm already a little behind posting about school. We're in the 4th week of school and I'm just now posting about week 2!  We continued our bible lesson from week 1 with days 4 through 7 of Creation.  Our memory verse stayed the same - Genesis 1:1, but we added new sight words, but I'll get to those in a little bit.

There were a couple of items from week 1 that we didn't complete, so we did them first on the first day of week 2.  Tracing numbers:

The other task we hadn't completed was coloring our own continent map, so we colored it together.  The original map I showed her was a bad map and didn't include Antarctica, so I told her I was going to throw it away since it was wrong.  She said "wait, I'll draw it." (right picture).  When she was finished, she said "now you don't have to throw it away!"  Thank you sweetie!

Daily Activities:
We did our typical daily activities that I posted about in the Week 1 summary.  She doesn't do everything every day, but we do a lot of it.  However, we do talk about our states every day that we have school  To keep track of the states, I placed a map from 1+1+1=1's calendar printables for us to color each time we talk about a new state.
This week's states were Arizona and Arkansas.  I try to tell her if we know anyone from a state we study or if I've been there.  this time I was able to tell her that Granny and Papa and Moshi (my mom) were born in Arkansas and she thought that was pretty cool.  I guess if I had thought a little more ahead, I could have pulled out a few pictures from the many trips I took to Arkansas to visit my great grandparents.  And actually, as I type this I realize I could have showed her my picture of the Grand Canyon from the airplane on our way to Vegas last year.  I guess I could always go back for a review of those states and show them to her.  Anyways....

Day 4:
On day for God made the sun, moon and stars.  We continued our daily collage/picture sheets for each day of creation, so we (I) cut out a sun and moon and she added the star stickers.  Unfortunately, I didn't take a finished picture of day 4.  Just imagine about 20 more star stickers on this picture! ;)
Since yellow was our color for the day 4 lesson - a yellow color sheet from Preschool Palace was appropriate.

We also made a sun for art.  She painted the plate first and then once the paint was dry, she added the glue.  I think the extra lines on the bottom left are supposed to be teeth.  The spots on the right and left are the suns cheeks.

Day 5:
On day 5, God created the animals that can fly and swim.  We had plenty of items for this collage - maybe a little too many flying animals. ;)
The sorting flying and swimming animals from Hubbard's Cupboard was a bit simple for her, but she still enjoyed telling me what each animal/insect was.
We also glued feathers to a bird cut out, but the picture I took was too blurry - just imagine a very colorful, feathery bird! ;)

Day 6:
On day 6, God created all other animals and Adam & Eve.  Mackenzie protested a bit at adding foil to the center of the collage, but once I taped it on the sheet and showed her how it's supposed to be similar to a mirror, she was ok with it.  Silly girl.
Day 7:
On day 7, God rested.  Per Hubbard's Cupboard suggestion, we glued a picture of the world on our paper and then put hearts all over it because God loves the world and all that He created.
As a review for all 7 days, we played a few matching and sequence games from Christian Preschool and Bible Printables websites

Sight Words:
Our sight words this week were "big" and "and".  Since we learned 20 sight words last year, I'm trying to use a repeat word and a new word each week.  "Big" was our new word.  She didn't really enjoy the see it, build it, write it activity this week, but we'll keep trying it.
She LOVES the color by numbers from 1+1+1=1!
And finding the words is also a big hit!

Miscellaneous activities:
She played with this alphabet wheel from Confessions of a Homeschooler over the course of 2 school days!  26 clothespins is a lot of pinching for this 3 year old!  She had to match the lowercase letters written on the clothespin to the uppercase letters on the wheel.

My mother-in-law brought Mackenzie a magnetic wand and small clear magnets this last visit, so we pulled out a bunch of magnets to play with.  We made our names first with the alphabet, but eventually just played with the wand and tried to see how many chips we could pick up.
Our science for the week was learning about the different parts of trees, flowers and leaves.  I found a coloring sheet of a tree and we just colored it while talking about it's roots, trunk, branches and leaves.  The flower activity was from 2 teaching mommies.
The parts of a leaf activity also from 2 teaching mommies was fun because we took a look at our leaf and flower collage from week 1.  We were able to see the veins in the leaves like the worksheet talked about, so that was nice to have it already on hand.

Well, that was week 2.  We actually just finished up week 3 today, so of course I'll be a little behind posting about that, but I'm ok with that! ;)

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