Thursday, September 27, 2012

Our New Toy!

Brandon and I bought Mackenzie a new toy a few weeks ago.  We are a little behind in joining the bandwagon, but we finally bought a Wii.  We thought it would Mackenzie would enjoy it and it would help to make her a little more active during the really hot or rainy days.  Brandon picked out a swimming/diving game where she can move around the ocean and look at fish...

And I chose the dancing game for kids...

First of all, I'll be honest, she's not quite as into it as we thought she'd be.  Both of us are a little bummed, but since we both like video and computer games, we'll be using it too!  She kind of likes the diving game, but it's not as easy to do as we thought it might be.  She really likes to watch me dive/swim around and will sit and watch me do it or dance around while the music plays.  The other day she said, "no don't go that way, it's going to be scary - can you hear the scary music?"  The music was intense, but nothing happened.  I was just surprised that she could infer what would happen based on the music.  So, Brandon's selection - not a hit with Mackenzie, but I LOVE it! ;),

We've tried the dancing game a few times, but even at the lowest setting it's a little hard for her.  I usually have to stand behind her and move her arms for her to match the movements!  She seems to enjoy it except that she's not actually doing anything herself.  Again, she likes to watch me make a fool of myself dancing around, since I'm not a dancer!  So my pick is also a bust, but I think she'll like it as she gets older and a little more coordinated.

Anyways, I've really liked playing the games we have and I'm looking forward to getting more active games for Brandon and I to play.  If a kids dancing game can wear me out, there's no telling how worn out I'd get with an actual fitness "game"! ;)  So, do any of you have a Wii?  What games do you like?  What games do your kids like?

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