Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Meredith's first museum trip

There's nothing like waiting 2 whole weeks after an event to blog about it - so let's talk about Meredith's birthday! ;)  On her birthday, the four of us went to the Children's Museum.  I knew Mackenzie would enjoy it more and that Meredith would really only enjoy the upstairs toddler area, but I wanted to do something on her actual birthday.  Thankfully, Brandon was able to go along with us because the toddler area doesn't allow child older than 36 months even if they are siblings of a toddler.  For the first 45 minutes I was upstairs with Meredith while Brandon played with Mackenzie downstairs in the older kid areas.  I knew Meredith would love the mats on the floor because she would be able to crawl and climb wherever she wanted to go. 

She liked the mirrors too!  The video below makes me laugh every time!

She was fine.  She just kind of whined after she hit the mirror, but went right back to it and touched it with her hands.  After that, she would occasionally crawl to any mirror and tap her head against it on purpose.  Then she would look at me and do a small, fake cry.  Again, I laughed every time!

After lunch, we went to the basement where you can design and build different things.  Mackenzie's still a little young for this, so Brandon built a lego car for her to send down the race track and I built a coffee filter parachute.  While I was building the parachute, I gave Meredith a roll of tape and this is what she did:
After making the parachute go in the wind machine thing, I gave it to Meredith to destroy! ;)
Brandon also made Mackenzie a rocket to launch.
Mackenzie enjoyed pulling on this activity:
...and coloring this magnet.  She specifically chose to sit on this stool for the photo.  By the way, I think these stools are pretty cool and anyone could easily DIY this for their house or back yard.  It's just a 5 gallon bucket with plywood circles on top and bottom. 
Again, Meredith was pretty content with a piece of tape while Mackenzie colored her magnet.
She fell asleep within 5 minutes of leaving the museum:
On the way home we stopped for cupcakes to celebrate her birthday.  She loved them, of course!

Not that she'll actually remember her first birthday, but at least I can show her these pictures and tell her what we did.  Now, back to planning the party and seeing what Mackenzie wants to do for her birthday next week.

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