Friday, September 21, 2012

I'm busy...

I've been in full party mode this week.  One of my friends will be in the exact same place I am next week.  So, at Ladies Bible Class this week, we talked and laughed about the things we are doing for our girl's birthday parties.  We are crazy moms!  (I hope she doesn't mind that I've called her crazy.) ;)

I have 25 hours until the party starts...and I'm blogging. ;)  The cupcakes and brownies are thawing, all of the candy dishes are waiting to be filled, the mantle is decorated and the goodie bags are made.  So, what's left?

ice cupcakes
make sausage balls
cut up the fruit
decorate entry way
decorate dining room 
clean out ice coolers
wrap gifts
hang garland at playroom
make brownie kabobs
make veggie tray
blow up balloons for popping game
clean bathrooms

wash dishes
vacuum/clean floors
set up table and chairs outside

And I'm pretty sure this isn't everything!  To top it all off, we have dance today, so there's 1 1/2 hours gone from the day.  Plus, I can't ignore my kids the whole day while I clean and decorate - I still have to be a mom. ;)

I know I could make this easier on myself by not having such a large birthday party, but to be very honest - I LOVE this!  I LOVE being creative.  I LOVE baking treats.  I LOVE decorating the house.  I LOVE having the time to do all this.  I LOVE creating these memories for my girls.

Well, I better get back to my cleaning and decorating!  Birthday post(s) to follow next week, but for now, here are a few sneak peeks...

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