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Candyland Birthday Party

I survived another birthday party!  After months of planning, the Candyland themed birthday party for Mackenzie and Meredith's birthday has come and gone!  I really do mean months of crazy planning.  I'm talking a spread sheet with 5 tabs, including a shopping list broken out with the dates to buy certain things.  To some, that might be surprising and to others, that's probably old news!  I've said it before and I'll say it again - I love planning the girls' party.  What am I going to do when they don't have the same friends and I actually have to plan 2 parties with in weeks of each other?!  Crazy me, I'll probably be even more excited! ;) 

I've had a Candyland board on pinterest for forever and did use a lot of the ideas I found, but just didn't have the time or money to do EVERY idea that I loved.  Other than the candy table, I kept it simple with all other decorations and activities.  Guests knocked on the door, played and visited, ate lunch, sang happy birthday, ate cupcakes, filled their goody bags and said goodbye.  No games this year...and I kind of liked it.  I actually got to visit with friends which I don't recall doing with Mackenzie's last 3 parties! ;)

I made a pom pom wreath for the door, but forgot to take a picture of it on the actual day of the party.  I'll do a detailed post later this week about the wreath itself, but for now we'll just start with the sign in table.  On Mackenzie's first birthday, I had everyone sign a picture frame mat for her room, so I did the same thing for Meredith's first birthday.  For Mackenzie's subsequent birthdays I've stolen an idea from my friend Kim and had guests sign a book with a theme similar to the party.  (2nd birthday - an elmo book for the sesame street theme and 3rd birthday - a Dr. Seuss Circus book for her circus themed party.)  This year's book was Silverlicious, which is a little bit more about losing a tooth, but also about candy and being sweet - "sweetness come from the inside.  When you are sweet, the world and all the delicious things in it will be sweet too!"  With that said, I had a sign in table when you walked in with both of the girls birthday pictures and sign in book/mat.

Again, I missed a picture of my entry way with my homemade rainbow pom poms, but that's ok.  I guess since it's still hanging up, I could take a picture of it tomorrow for scrapbooking purposes!  Across the entry from the sign in table was the candy and sweets table:
It was filled with sooooo many delicious treats - many of which are still in our house!

Even Meredith wanted some!  Although, Meredith shouldn't really be the guide, since she'll eat just about anything!
Also in the dining room were the goody bags to be filled with anything and everything on the table!
The entry area is where most of the decorating took place, but I did have a few other areas that I decorated.  Above the mantle I had the birthday banners I made and some pictures of each girl from the past year.  Each girl already had one of these pink boards in their room, so I just took it off their walls and filled them with my favorite photos of them from the last 12 months.
The mantle still looks like this.  Not sure when I'll take it all down since I love having pictures of them around the house.

Remember the garland I mentioned in this post?  I was a little nervous about how it would turn out, but I'm pretty happy with it. 

The girls tried to fit in between each strand while the boys ran through it and swatted away the strands.  Just as you might think they would act.  We may have lost some of the circles, in the 2 hours it hung, but it stayed hanging with 12 kids running through it over and over again, so it was a success!

Other miscellaneous decorations - my streamer chairs.  I think I've started a new tradition!
And my pom pom centerpiece!  This is one of my favorites!
As I said earlier, we were really laid back this year, so basically everyone just hung out and played at our house for 2 hours...

When it was time to blow out the candles, each girl got a separate turn.  Can you tell Mackenzie had been playing outside a full hour before we did the cake? 

Meredith was a little unsure...

However, both girls loved their cupcakes!

But then it was naptime for a certain one year old. 
The great thing about having a party at your house - you can put said one year old in her bed without having to leave the party.  It helps that she's a great sleeper and that she was really tired.  It was 11:15am and she went straight to sleep with a house full of 39 people talking, laughing and playing separated by only 2 walls!  (She slept for 2 hours without a peep!)

But this little girl was having a blast and there was no nap in sight!
And finally, to wrap things up, guests took a lap (or two) around the table to fill their goody bags.

Some might have also just plopped themselves right on the floor to eat their loot! ;)
Here's the aftermath...
12 kids (not including the babies) played in the playroom.  Can you tell?  It was well loved in the 2 hours everyone was there, but it actually took no time to pick up.  Yay!

Unfortunately, I may have gone a little overboard on the candy/sweets table and these pictures prove it!  Everyone is gone and this is how much food and candy I still have left!

So, there's the party for you. We opened gifts after everyone left and played in the living room with all the new toys/presents until bed time. That would be a total of 5 or 6 hours and they loved every minute of it! Another year gone and I now have a 4 year old and a 1 year old! I'll take a six month break and start planning the next birthday bash! ;)

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  1. Can you make a video of the pompom centerpiece please...i love it


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