Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Birthday Portraits

So, I had this awesome idea that I was going to take the girls pictures for their birthday.  My mom bought them matching birthday outfits months ago and I wanted to take their pictures near the ponds/lakes in our neighborhood.  In my head the pictures were going to be great - the girls were going to smile and laugh and look so natural.  In reality, we were rushed because it was hot and Meredith was a little cranky.  Despite Meredith's crankiness, she had better photos than Mackenzie because she was truly smiling naturally, while Mackenzie had her posed smile most of the time.  Out of 84 pictures, I found 5 that are cute and somewhat resemble the images I had in my head.  

First up, Mackenzie:
Kind of a natural smile:

She might be standing a little too straight - normally her belly doesn't stick out that much! ;)
I was only able to take 3 pictures of the girls together before Meredith wanted out of the chair.  Unfortunately, since the deck was a new place for her, she didn't want to just stand there by the chair and if she crawled she would have ruined her skirt, so this is the best one of the two of them.  Too bad neither of them are looking at the camera! ;)
And now, Meredith:
Close up...so cute.  She had it easy, she doesn't have hair that blows in the wind and she doesn't know how to not smile naturally.
Her very first picture was her best one!

I'm hoping I can take some more pictures at their party, when they'll wear their outfits again, but for now these are pretty cute. 

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