Thursday, September 13, 2012

before i forget

Mackenzie says something pretty funny EVERY DAY!  In the past few days I have loved some of her comments and I just had to write/type them before I forget.  A couple of these I posted on facebook, but since I can't scrapbook my facebook comments to remember this stuff forever and always, I'm blogging about them too!  Plus, it might make you laugh or smile too, so it's a good thing for everyone!

This year for school, we are learning about 2 different states per week.  Since we are going in alphabetical order, we've learned the A states - Alabama, Alaska, Arizona and Arkansas.  All we do is look at the state on the flashcard and read a little bit on the back about the capital, state flower and state bird.  We've also done our USA puzzle about a dozen time over the course of about 2 1/2months.  So, on Saturday we were driving to the store and Mackenzie says, "momma, that cloud looks like a state."  When I ask her which one she simply says, "the orange one."  Still a little confused, I ask her "is it Arkansas?  Alabama? Arizona?"  Her response with a little frustration is "No, it's just the orange one."  I told her we would look at the puzzle when we got home to figure out what state it she saw.  Fast forward an hour later and I pull out the puzzle and ask her to point to the state that she saw on the box lid.  She points and says, "that one with the legs". It's Alaska (the one I didn't ask about in the car) and sure enough, it's orange!  I think we talked about how it looked like it had legs once, but whatever helps her remember what they are, I all for.  Although, we might have to work on the color part since all maps are different! ;)

One day last week I told Mackenzie I was about to get dressed so we could go to the grocery store and that when I was finished, it would be her turn to get dressed.  She immediately replied, "can you put on makeup so that it takes longer?"  She wasn't ready to go because she wanted to watch more tv and that was an easier solution than disobeying/throwing a fit and getting in trouble.  Unfortunately, we were only going to the grocery store, so I didn't put on any makeup and she had to get ready a few minutes later, but she survived without those extra 5 minutes of tv! ;)

I spanked Mackenzie with a wooden spoon the other day for the first time.  She threw the biggest fit about getting dressed.  (Clearly, she didn't choose the more tactful way from the story above.)  After the regular spankings with the hand didn't work and she still had a horrible attitude and sassy mouth, I pulled out the wooden spoon.  After a couple of pops, I took the now crying Meredith into the playroom while Mackenzie sat in her room and cried it out a little bit.  Then all of a sudden we are ready to go and cooperative about everything.  UGH!  Anyways, that's obviously not the funny part.  When Brandon got home later that evening, I told him that Mackenzie was spanked with the wooden spoon.  When he asked her why "momma had to spank you", she nonchalantly replied, "just because" like I had randomly decided to spank her.  We shouldn't have laughed, but we did.  She did finally tell him what she had done, but the "just because" keeps replaying in my head.  I had hoped to never have to move past spanking with my hand and I hated that I pulled the spoon out, but clearly it still isn't really having an effect on her.  I've said this before, but I'm pretty sure my mom is laughing as she reads this, since I'm almost positive that I acted just like this with my mom.

I've saved the best for last!  In Mackenzie's obsession with flags, she points out every flag she sees wherever we are.  If she knows it (US, Texas, neighborhood), she says/yells out the name, but if she doesn't know it, she asks about it.  As we were leaving a restaurant that had a Texas A&M flag and a University of Texas flag, she says, "what's that orange flag with the yak on it?"   We laughed so hard!  She knew the Aggie flag, but not that orange one! ;)  This is the second time she's called the longhorn a yak and I think we've corrected her, but maybe not.  Oh well, no need to teach her about that other school! ;) 

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