Wednesday, September 5, 2012

12 month stats


I was waiting for Meredith's doctor's appointment today to post her 12 month photos.  Yesterday, someone told me Meredith was big.  My response - "yep".  No surprise there, so I wasn't surprised by the doctor's measurements either, although she only grew 1/2" in 3 months, so maybe she's slowing down a bit.

Weight - 25 lb 12 oz - 96.62 percentile
Height - 31.5" - 98.15 percentile

These stats put her at the same size Mackenze was at 18 months (23 lbs 11 oz and 31 3/4").  I'm hoping she doesn't grown any in the next few months so that she can wear the cute winter clothes that were Mackenzie's.  If only it was cold in Houston before December! ;)

At 12 months, Meredith...
- stands on her own and cruises around furniture (as of today took 6 steps without holding on to anything)
- climbs onto everything!  She especially likes to climb the little white table in the playroom.
- still sleeps great!  sleeps 10-11 hours at night + 2 short naps or one long nap a day
- is 2 more bottles away from being forever finished with formula and bottles.
- loves everything we give her to eat with the exception of regular oatmeal without any extra flavor
- has 8 teeth (4 top, 4 bottom) and is possibly working on some molars (at least we hope that explains the fussiness lately)
- cries when she doesn't get her way including throwing her head back and having a fit like a 2 year old might do.
- wears 12-18 month clothing and size 4 shoe
- goes through her "tricks" when Brandon gets home - raises her hands, shakes her head, smacks her lips - all to get him to repeat
- climbs into your lap and brings a toy or book for you to play with
- says momma and dadda

Here's Mackenzie's and Meredith's comparison pictures.  I love that at 12 months both girls really laughed when I was taking their pictures.

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