Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Pinterest Trials

These past couple of weeks, I accomplished a  few pinterest pins from my wishlist.

On Wednesday, Mackenzie and I made the oatmeal muffins and in general they are really good.  They are a bit mushy - more like thick oatmeal rather than a muffin/cake, but they still taste great.  When I pinned it, I didn't really know how "natural" they were going to be.  The recipe calls for applesauce, a banana and honey rather than oil, butter and sugar.  As picky as I am, I have to admit, I did not taste the banana or the applesauce.  We put chocolate chips on top of our muffins and that makes them even better!  I put the recipe into my "my fitness pal" app and it since it made 24 muffins, it calculated the calories to be 126 per muffin.  That's not too bad, since one is pretty filling.  Plus, I just remembered that I actually had a little left over, but didn't want to get another muffin tin out just for one more muffin, so it might be a little less than 126 calories.  Anyways, I can see myself making them again, but I might use a little less applesauce in order to remove a little bit of the moisture and maybe cut the recipe in half.

Another pinterest item I finally started was a page for a quiet book for the girls...however, I don't have a picture to show for it.  Sorry.  When I actually finish it, then I'll take pictures.

For breakfast one morning, I made the cinnamon waffles and they were good too.  The problem is that you see it as one waffle and so you eat it ALL.  But you know what?  It's FOUR cinnamon rolls and that's A LOT!  A little too much, since I typically only eat 3.  I think I kind of made myself sick, but they were very good!  Try them!

And the most recent pin I made was a toy for Meredith and Mackenzie using a water bottle.  I didn't feel like buying the expensive fancy water bottles, so I used ones I already had.  I first found different small things I had around the house - pom poms, foam hearts, glass beads, buttons, gem stones, beans and wooden toy things.  I put some each in both bottles and then filled one bottle with rice and one with some blue sand I've had since graduate school.  Then I glued the tops on and let them sit overnight.  And Voila!

The blue sand tends to stick to the bottle, so it's a little harder to see the objects in, but it's still neat to the girls.  Meredith especially likes the one with rice because it makes a lot of noise.  I think the next ones I do will involve water and bead and colored water and oil.  2 toys for $0 makes me and my bank account happy! ;)

Next up (maybe this week), painting in zip lock baggies, stacking cup games and chocolate chip scones!  I can't wait!

Have you completed any pinterest pins lately?

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  1. I made the pepperoni rolls last Friday night for dinner and they were yummy!


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