Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Target dollar bins - I love!

I LOVE the target dollar bins!  We went to Target the other day and of course I had to stop and look at the dollar bins.  I am so happy I did, because look what I found!

Who else gets excited about flashcards?!  Thankfully, Mackenzie does!  She's my daughter in every way! ;)

The World Flag flashcards have 3 flags to a card, so they can be a bit overwhelming when you look at each card, but it didn't seem to bother Mackenzie.  She just likes to look at the pictures anyway.
I know some of you are probably thinking, "why does a preschooler need world flag flashcards?"  She doesn't need them and it's not like I'm going to be drilling her on what flag belongs to what country.  She likes to look at flags.  When we go driving, she screams out "flag" whenever she sees one.  She realizes there are different flags for different things - countries, states, neighborhoods...and is genuinely curious about what different flags look like.  We'll use the flashcards for sorting by colors, symbols, stripes/non stripe...you name it, we'll make a game of it.  Along the way, I'll say the names of the flags, but I won't ask her to remember them unless she says it first.

Anyways, I like the state flashcards too because on the back they have all the state information...capital, motto, state bird, flower and...FLAG! ;)

I also picked up these flashcards that we'll use for games too.
So, if you thought the flag and state flashcards were a little old for Mackenzie, then you'll be thinking the same thing for these books.  I know they are too old for her, but some of the things we can do together and some of it is just random stuff we'll talk about just as an introduction.
The state ones look cute with their connect the dots and what's different...
The other state book as mazes and word searches...
The US presidents book is definitely above her, but I'm just looking to introduce her to the concept of a president.  I don't think we've ever even talked about that with her.  I'm almost certain that after I show her this picture of the president, I will hear her scream from the other room every time she sees him on TV! ;)  And that's ok - I want her to be aware of these things.  Not know every detail, but just be aware.
And lastly, I couldn't pass up this dry erase writing board to practice handwriting.  I could easily print something similar and laminate it, but it wouldn't hold up as well as this double sided stiff writing board.  Plus, it was a DOLLAR! ;)
So, I spent $8 total and I think it was well worth it!  Again, I LOVE the Target dollar bins!

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