Wednesday, August 1, 2012

RRSP: Letter R, Number 19, sight word "it"

We took a little time on this past unit.  I think Mackenzie is in 4 different outfits and typically we only spend about 3 days on a unit.  When I say "days", I don't mean full days.  We usually do about 1 to 1 1/2 hours each day that we have school.  We also try to squeeze it in whenever we can and Meredith's asleep.  One of our longer days (probably almost 2 hours) was the afternoon after we went to the "beach", so please excuse the awful messy hair that Mackenzie has in her blue dress.  ;)  Also, since she's only 3 and still has 2 more years before Kindergarten, I follow her lead and if she doesn't really want to do some of the daily activities (calendar, songs...), we don't do it.  I figure there is no use fighting her and pushing her to do something when she's this young.  I want her to like school and I don't think making her do something she doesn't want to do will accomplish this.  At least not at this age. 

Our unit was for the letter "R", the number 19, sight word "it" and our memory verse was "Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy." Exodus 20:8.  I also added a unit on Peter Pan from Homeschool Creations.  I usually try to make the extra units have a connection to our letter unit, but sometimes, like this time, I just picked one I knew she would like.

Lately, she's been using just one color when coloring.  In fact, this past Sunday, she colored during the entire church service with a brown marker.  Everything in the coloring book is brown...water, fish, clothes...everything.  On this day, she chose purple.

Practicing her letter R's.  You'll see later in the post, she's doing really well tracing letters and words.  The only thing I'm trying to work with her on is moving her entire arm and not just moving her hand at the wrist.  She will rotate her wrist to a position I think might hurt her while tracing, just so that she doesn't move her arm.  Yesterday, in another activity, I showed her how if she moves her arm she can trace even better!
Mackenzie has really started finding things funny.  She actually gets jokes now and will giggle if she thinks she says something funny, too.  In every unit we have 6 partial verses that start with our letter of the week.  One of the verse cards, said "He is my rock."  After I read it, she asked, "who".  I answered her saying "God is our rock."  She laughed really loud and said, "God is not a rock!" ;)  I had to explain that no, God is not A rock, but He is OUR rock and foundation.  Not sure if she totally understands, but it was still a funny moment and at least she's paying attention to the verses and trying to understand them.
Our memory verse was short this week.

Our craft was making this church.  We colored the parts together and then she glued all of the pieces on.  She was a little annoyed with me that I didn't cut out the itty bitty door knob that was supposed to go on the door.  ;)
Letter R/misc. activities:
My mother-in-law, let us borrow this united states puzzle and we really like to put it together.  My favorite thing about it, is that each state is it's own puzzle piece, so it makes it easier for her to understand the actual shape of the state.  She's knows what Texas looks like and where it goes, so that's all that matters! Ha!  Just kidding! ;)  I try to say if we know someone who lives or lived in each state, so every time she picks up a state, she asks, "who's in this one?" ;) 
I convinced her that a color by number needed more than just one color! ;)
The letter R collage - aka the beginning of the best kids activity EVER! ;)
Shapes sorting.  She can do this no problem, but she likes to do it anyway.

Peter Pan unit:
The next several pictures are all about tracing, but she really liked doing them.
Which is different worksheet...
On this particular sheet, she had to find all of the H's - uppercase and lowercase - and mark them off with an "X".  She was a little apprehensive at first, but not about finding the H's, but about how to mark them off.  I showed her how to do it and then she did the rest. 
Mackenzie's been really interested in time and clocks.  She asks about it ALL the time, so I when I saw this clock matching activity in the Peter Pan unit, we had to do it!  It was simple time telling, only looking at the clock on the hours.  She had to look at the clock and then match it to the digital clock.  We basically focused only on finding the small hand and looking at what number it was pointing to.  After a few with my help, she did the other 9 on her own.
There were a few more activities not pictured and even more that we didn't do in the Peter Pan unit.  If your child likes Peter Pan, you can find the unit here.

This week and next week we are working on our different letters and then an extra unit on the Olympics.  I'm still thinking we'll finish the alphabet by then end of August, but as always, it depends on how busy the next few weeks are.

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