Tuesday, August 7, 2012

RRSP: Letter O & Olympic Theme Unit

The letter O is supposed to be the 25th letter we study in our Raising Rock Stars Preschool curriculum, but I couldn't resist doing an "O is for Olympics" unit.  So, we'll get back to the other letters next week! ;)  Our verse for the week was "Oh give thanks to the Lord, for he is good." Psalm 118:1.

Coloring our verse sheet - again with one color! ;)
Getting ready to draw and O - basically tracing squiggly lines.
 Then we practiced drawing O's.

This is not the best picture for these two vocabulary cards, but there is a story behind them.  As I mentioned before, each letter had 9 vocabulary cards with words that start with the letter of the week.  Some weeks she knows all of them, but sometimes there are new words that she learns.  This week, was the latter.

When I pointed to the Otter and asked her if she knew what it was, she said "yes, a sea otter".  Wow!  I wasn't expecting that.  I'm pretty sure she learned it from either an ipad app or the Cat in the Hat cartoon on PBS.  I did explain that the card was just for Otter, since there could be river or sea otters.  I don't know if you can see it, but the card next to the Otter card is for an Orangutan.  This is the conversation that followed:

M: that's a gorilla
Me:  well, it's actually an orangutan.
M: well, it's a little bit a monkey, too.  And a gorilla is a little bit a monkey, too.

Her face was so cute when she said it and who wants to really argue with a 3 year old, so I just said, "ok." ;)

For the craft, she just colored all of the O's in the verse.
She gets a certificate for every unit we finished and I typically write her name at the top, but this week she wanted to do it herself.  I'm not going to argue with her when she wants to practice writing her name, so I said OK.  Here is her finished certificate all filled out by her.  Not too bad!

We didn't do too many activities that weren't part of the RRSP or Olympic pack, but since we always do a collage for our letter of the week, we used Oatmeal for O.

This printable is what made me skip the other 5 letter units to study the letter O.
And if you are going to use cereal in an activity, you have to eat it too!

I found this awesome Olympic pack from 3 dinosaurs.  There are so many things in the pack, that we'll be using for 2 or 3 letter units!

She helped the athletes get to the medals...
We did several "which one is different sheets?"

This activity sorted boys and girls doing sports.  The only indication that they were boys or girls was their hair length, which isn't really helpful in real life since some boys have long hair and some girls have short hair.  Nonetheless, we did the activity.
We also did a number order puzzle for the Olympic rings...
She also colored a little book with medals and the Olympic torch...

One of my favorite Olympic activities I found were these flag cards from tinyme.  First we looked at each card and talked about its colors and stripes and/or emblems.
Then we played memory with them.  The set has 16 countries, so we usually played memory with only 8 countries, but she enjoyed it.  Since she loves to point out flags, I knew this would be a hit with her and I was right.
She has such a good memory, that when the Olympics are on I try to show her the flags for the different athletes and the day we played memory, she actually pointed out the Chinese flag on TV.  Then Sunday night I came into the living room and this is what I heard between her and Brandon before I joined in:

B: no that's not the Japanese flag
M: yes it is
B: no the Japanese is white with a red circle
M: no, it has an X, right momma?
Me: what are we talking about?
M: the flag with green and black and an X
Me: oh, are you talking about the Jamaican flag?
M: yeah, the Jamaica flag, daddy.

I know she saw that flag on TV because some track events were on the Olympics at the time and I'm so impressed that she remembered that it started with a J.  She probably tried to say it and Brandon said Japan - not sure how it actually started, but the minute I said Jamaica, she knew that was the flag she was talking about! ;)

Another favorite was making our own medals!  We used the recipe from I Can Teach My Child to make modeling clay medals. 
I did the first set of Olympic rings, but then she did the other 2 sets.
We even made our thumbprints!  The recipe said to paint them with gold paint and seal them with a clear coat of paint, but we just colored them yellow and dry out without any other coating.  Unfortunately, they crack a lot as they dry out and I wish I had coated them.  Maybe in 2 more years for the winter Olympics we'll do it again and I'll be sure to have the acrylic paint ready.
She put some Gold medals in order from smallest to biggest.  Actually, she started with the biggest and went to the smallest, but worked from right to left, so it looks to be the opposite.

When she colored this cauldron of the Olympic fire, she said, "fire be's different colors, like when you cook, it's blue."  So observant!
For patterning, we had some cut and paste worksheets from 3 dinosaurs.  By the second sheet, she figured out how to look at the different rows and sort the pictures based on their corresponding rows.  I made her say the pattern to confirm the right object, anyway.  We still have a couple of these to do this week and I think I'll just hold onto the pieces to be pasted and wait for her to tell me what comes next and then give her the correct piece to glue down.
And lastly, we worked on something sort of new - finding "the same".  She had to circle the objects that were the same size as the first object.  I don't think we had ever done this with school and she did really well.
I still have a ton of Olympic activities to do this week, so we'll continue with them as long as the Olympics are on.  I'll be posting more on that next week once we finish!  There are still 4 more days of Olympics, so it's not too late to download the Olympic pack that I'm using.  It's awesome!

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