Thursday, August 2, 2012

Preschool plans 2012-2013

Now that Mackenzie and I have been doing school lessons for the last 7 months and have just about finished the alphabet in our Raising Rockstars Preschool, I've been planning for this next school year.  She will stay home with me again, so I've been making goals for what I want us to study.  There are some things I just want to introduce her to and others I want to really focus on.

Our main focus this year will be bible stories.  I'm going to follow the basic outline from the Bible and Rhyme curriculum.  We will go through the bible from creation, to Jesus' birth to the parables and miracles to Jesus' death and resurrection.  We'll focus on one story a week and do crafts and activities related to the story.   

Handwriting is another focus item.  From letters to numbers, we will practice writing a lot.  We've done some tracing this past year, but the RRSP curriculum focused on uppercase letters, so we will also practice the lowercase letters.  Even though Mackenzie knows how to spell her name and can somewhat write all of the letters, I always have to write her name first for her to copy each letter below.  After downloading so many freebies from other websites, I decided I should try to make Mackenzie her own tracing sheet for her name.

I'm either going to print and laminate it, or I will put it in a sheet protector to go in our daily binder for her to trace every time we have school this next year.  Now that I know how easy it is to make this sheet, I can actually make my own tracing sheets with whatever I want her to trace.

Some of the things I want to introduce Mackenzie to:
Money - naming of coins/bills and maybe what they are worth
Time - on the hour and half hour
Continents - with the Olympics, she's aware of other countries, but I'd like to introduce her to different continents and their general location and characteristics.
States - she's aware of Texas and that there are other states, but it might be nice to introduce her to other states.
Books of the Bible - I think I'll use the songs to teach them to her, but I only know the New Testament song, so I'll have to find the Old Testament song on Youtube or something.

Of course, we will still do our fun motor skill games we have and review our letters and numbers along with other theme units that may or may not correlate to the bible lesson (ie: Noah's ark will have an extra rainbow unit).  I actually have so many ideas that I'm having to narrow it down to what we can actually do and have time for (I'd like to keep a light schedule like we do now - no more than 6 hours a week).  Anyways, whether or not we do all that I have planned, I just want to enjoy this time with Mackenzie and to see her expression when she learns something new, hear her questions, and listen to her constant chatter and giggling while we work together.  I love it all and those are just a few of the many reasons I enjoy teaching her here at home.

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