Thursday, August 9, 2012

Organizing my silverware

Ever since I've lined the kitchen drawers, I've been thinking about having Brandon make some drawer dividers in our silverware and utensil drawers.  I want him to make just a basic frame without a bottom so that I can still see my pretty paper!  The most annoying drawer for me right now is our silverware drawer. 
Let's take a look:
 The big two offenders are:
  • the drawer doesn't open all the way - can't really see what you are reaching for in the back row
  • the butter knives are too long for the divider tray
First of all, we (Brandon) will change the drawer slides so that the drawer pulls out all the way.  That will help tremendously if I can see the last 2 or 3" of the drawer.  Secondly, I'm going to design a new divider for Brandon to build, but before I do I found some inspiration photos online.

I like the idea of making everything fit like a puzzle so that you can take advantage of the extra length the small forks and spoons don't use:

This little extra tray for serving pieces is neat.  I probably don't need it since I have a buttlers pantry with 2 extra drawers, but I like this look.

 Horizontal dividers is also a nice look that could be achieved very easily.
I really like this next idea, but since I'm not redesigning my entire kitchen cabinetry, I cant do the vertical storage.  However, if we ever renovate the kitchen, I'm definitely going to keep this in mind!

I first saw these drawer dividers on I heart organizing.  I think this is more for the utensil drawer, but I like that these gripper/dividers are movable and can be placed wherever you need them to go.  I might consider this one day for the utensil drawer, but unfortunately it would cover my pretty paper, so we'll see!
I have the measurements for the drawer along with the minimum requirements for the silverware.  All I have to do now is design my spare time! ;) 

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