Thursday, August 30, 2012

Organizing: kiddie cabinet

In the beginning of the year I was really on top of things and tackling small organizational projects just about every week.  And then....well, I stopped.  I keep telling myself, I need to re-organize my kitchen cabinets, but it never happens.  The other day, I finally organized one set of cabinets.

After sorting through everything and getting rid of several baby spoons, pacifiers, bottle parts and unused sippy cups, I finally started putting everything back in the cabinet.  We use a lot of sippy cups in our house and before I could put anything away I had to categorize the sippy cups and think about where they should be on the shelves.  Mackenzie used to chew on the soft top sippy cups, so we switched her to the hard top ones, but we kept all of the old sippy cups and just bought new soft tops.  So now we have a gazillion old sippy cups plus the gazillion newer sippy cups.  Not to mention we have smaller sippy cups for Meredith that she'll probably still use for water and juice.  I wanted to keep the two girls cups sort of separated, but not necessarily on different shelves.  In the end I put them all on the same shelf, but each has it's own side. 

Besides the sippy cups, we also have real cups that she drinks out of occasionally, but the sippy cup is just least in my mind it is.  Since the real cups aren't used as often, I put them on the upper shelf because I felt like in the past they have always gotten in the way with the mass of sippy cups on the first shelf.  The right side of the cabinet pretty much stayed the same because it's previous organization was still working.  All it needed was a little cleaning out and tidying. 
Now I have almost an entire shelf free to use.  If I can manage to clean out the other kitchen cabinets I might find other items I'd rather store there.  Or it might just stay empty for a while.  I can't wait until a few years from now when I can get rid of even more of this plastic stuff!  I know I'll still keep a few of the containers and plates for occasional use, but I can't wait to say goodbye to the cups of plastic spoons and forks, bowls and plates that never stay suctioned, miscellaneous lids and snack cups that never hold everything without spilling! ;)

And because everyone likes to see before and after shots, here it is:

I know it's only one set of cabinets out of 10, but it's better than nothing.  Now onto the other cabinets...maybe. ;)

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