Monday, August 27, 2012

My mom's birthday

My mom's birthday was almost 2 weeks ago, but I'm still going to blog about it.  We met her at my grandparents' house for lunch and dessert.  Mackenzie and Meredith always love going to see Granny and Papa.  As a matter of fact, so do I! ;)

Mackenzie helped Granny make our giant sandwich.  Since Granny was wearing gloves, Mackenzie insisted she wear gloves too!
Take a closer look at those gloves, can you see the extra glove length at every finger?!  They were too big for her, but she didn't care - she was helping.
Another way Mackenzie "helped" was putting the candles in the pie.  They were supposed to spell Happy Birthday, but she wasn't understanding what we were trying to tell her about putting them in order, so we just let her do it however she wanted.
 I believe it said, "HBYPPA YIADHTR". ;)

Of course Meredith was content to sit in anyone's lap for a little while.
Especially if they have the promise of food!

We had a great day and it was so nice just to visit with everyone.  So "HBYPPA YIADHTR" momma.  Hope you had a great day! 

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