Sunday, August 19, 2012

Meredith's first fat lip...and other stories.

Meredith got her first fat lip yesterday.  She was trying to cruise around the coffee table, but stumbled on the pillow laying on the floor and hit her lip on the table.  She cried for a little bit and there was a little bit of blood, but I gave her her sippy cup and sat her in her favorite chair and she was all smiles again.  Smiling with a fat lip, but smiling nonetheless.  It's not swolen now, but there is line on her upper lip where she hit the edge of the coffee table.

We went to the oh so wonderful CiCi's pizza last night.  We were looking for something slightly cheap but not out of a paper bag.  It was crazy crowded, but we managed to get there just before the little league football team showed up, so we didn't have to wait in line like other people.  Mackenzie ate 2 pieces of pizza, a bread stick and a brownie.  If we order pizza at home she'll eat a supreme and only pick off a few toppings (usually because of the size, not particular topping), but at CiCi's she asks for cheese pizza.  I guess she knows we aren't going to order a separate pizza just for her at home, but at CiCi's she can get whatever she wants.

Meredith had A LOT of pasta at CiCi's!  She also got her first taste of a sour gummy candy.  She actually bit off a small piece when we were letting her lick it, so she got more than just a taste!

Speaking of eating a lot...we just had Arby's for lunch.  Arby's is our go to meal and I'd say we eat it 2-3 times a month.  19.52 is our total...every time! Consistency, that's our game.  Who needs change?!  ;)

While Brandon, Mackenzie and I rarely change how we do things, we feel the need to change things for Meredith.  We took all the pacifiers away last Sunday evening.  We decided it might be better for all of us if we made the change now rather than at age 2 when she's really attached to it.  She's done really well, with the exception of 2 times, but we didn't give in and she survived! ;)  One of the reasons we took it away was because we didn't want it to mess up all the new teeth she has, but I'm not sure we thought about the fussiness that comes with 8 new teeth in 2 months.  Yes, I said 8.  She was a bit late starting, but they're all coming in now.

Well. I think my randomness is about over for now.  Until next time...

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