Friday, August 31, 2012

marching band + playground + August = HOT!

Once the summer heat moved in this past APRIL, the trips to the playground reduced tremendously.  Unless we went at 8 am, it was just too hot!  Especially for Meredith who was stuck sitting in the stroller.  And even at 8 am, it was still hot and humid.  With that said, last Friday night, I promised Mackenzie we would go to the playground on Saturday morning despite the heat, humidity and threat of west nile carrying mosquitoes.  Just before we left I remembered that the local high school band would be playing in our neighborhood as part of a fundraiser and was excited to show Mackenzie a marching band.  The highschool band dork deep with in me was also fairly excited to see them.  I may or may not have rushed Mackenzie to get dressed so we wouldn't miss them.  ;)

Anyways, I pulled out the big stroller and we walked the half mile to the neighborhood visitor's center.  Once there, I sprayed us all down with bug spray and we enjoyed a few songs by the band.
 Since the original promise was to play on the playground, Mackenzie wasn't too excited about being off course to watch the band.  She covered her ears and said they were being too loud. ;)  After a couple of songs, we started making our way to the playground but veered off again to take the path around the lake.

Well, not all the way around the lake, just a partial path since I was just trying to stake out a place for the girls' portraits we are doing tomorrow.  Anyways, after throwing little pebbles into the water...

and looking at the ducks (we'll take bread next time)...

it was time for the playground.

Unfortunately, the mosquitoes didn't really care if you had OFF on or not.  They were everywhere.  I swatted one away trying to bite my heel!  Not my ankle, my heel - the one place I didn't spray.  Crazy!  Anyways, after we saw the band march off down the street, we decided the playground wasn't worth the heat, sweat and mosquitoes, so we went home.

Maybe around October, we'll venture around outside again on a more regular basis.

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