Saturday, August 18, 2012

Cake in a Jar

For my mother's birthday, I bought this cookbook:

and of course some jars to go with it!

But I thought something was still missing, so I used the jars and made one of the recipes - the front cover to be exact - Neapolitan cake.  A jar filled with chocolate, vanilla and strawberry cake topped with buttercream frosting.  I'm not going to lie, it took a long time to make and put it all together.  But the cake was/is delicious, so it was worth it.  Mackenzie helped through the first batter, but then left me to go play. ;)

First we had to wash the jars.  I also bought a dozen for me because the recipe called for 24.  Mackenzie liked rinsing the jars.
The strawberry cake had strawberry puree, which made it taste awesome.  This is the batter Mackenzie helped with and liked adding all of the ingredients and making the strawberry puree.  But by the time we started repeating ourself to make the vanilla/chocolate batter, she was done.  I stayed with it though and this is the jar before baking:
The one instruction I didn't do was spray the jars with canola oil.  I wish I had because I think it would have kept the cake from sticking to the jar after I took it out of the oven.  I don't know if it was the missed step or the nature of baking and serving a cake in a clear container, but the cake residue left on the jar after it cooled off and lowered made the strawberry and vanilla layers indistinguishable.  This could just be because they were actually light colored and sort of melded together in the oven.  Not sure.  I guess I'd have to make them again to test it out. ;)

Anyways, the buttercream frosting was also made into vanilla, strawberry and chocolate flavors.  The instructions said to put the 3 flavors in piping bags and then into a large pastry bag to make a swirl, but I only had one size bag and 3 bags into one same size bag just didn't work.  So, instead each jar just had one flavor icing. 
After I put the lids on them, I couldn't just give them away looking all plain!  I added "neapolitan" ribbon and Happy Birthday tags.

I think I might try baking just regular cakes in jars as a special treat.  Not only are they cute, but they are the perfect serving size!  Of course I need to finish off the cakes that are in the jars first, but soon I will make more!  So delicious!

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  1. What an awesome cookbook - I need to add it to my colletion! And if you need any taste testers... :)


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