Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Birthday Prep: Candy/Food table

We had some friends over for dinner Saturday evening, so I actually cleaned off my dining table!  It had been covered with a half dozen craft projects including a sewing machine, a cricut machine, a paper cutter and other miscellaneous items.  It stayed cleared off for about 36 hours! 

I decided yesterday morning that I would use this opportunity to collect the platters and dishes I'm planning to use for the girls party.  I just wanted to see what all I had so that I could determine if I needed any more.  I haven't pulled out the candy just yet and I obviously don't have the food made, but later this week I think I'll determine what food/candy goes in what dish.  I'll also work on placement, heights and/or remaining dishes required.  I know for sure I will need to borrow my mom's cupcake stand and we'll see if I need anything else.  Once all of that is settled I can finalize, print and make the food labels.  Yippee!

I found some bright colored candy scoops in the Target dollar bin several months ago, but I might need to buy some more cheap scoops and tongs, depending on how much candy I have.  I guess I could always just leave the scoops on the table and they can be dipped into whatever jar you choose.  It's not like the candy scoops have to stay in/with the same candy.

Now, onto more party prep!

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