Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Birthday Prep: Banners

Weeks ago, I cut all the pieces for the girls' birthday banners.  I used my "new to me" cricut and it was awesome!  A couple of days ago, while Meredith napped, I put the banners together.

I might have to add a little more ribbon to Meredith's banner to make it hang properly, but other than that, I'm pretty excited.  Unlike last year, these took no time at all!  Last year I had to cut out all of the letters myself and then erase all the pencil marks I had originally drawn before attaching them to the flags.  Also, you may recall that I had quite a few banners, last year! ;)

This year, I only have one banner left to make.  It will require me to cut it out by hand, but the letters will be printed with the candyland text, so it will be easy to cut out and put together.

Only about 6 weeks until the party and I still have quite a few paper crafts to do:
  • invitations
  • entryway garland
  • candy jar labels
  • cupcake toppers
  • goody bag tags
  • tissue paper pom poms
  • candy cut outs and general decorations.
 Wow!  It looks like I better get crafting! Oh darn! ;)

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  1. LOVE!!! I've been in Super hero mode here... BDs are SO fun!


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