Friday, August 31, 2012

marching band + playground + August = HOT!

Once the summer heat moved in this past APRIL, the trips to the playground reduced tremendously.  Unless we went at 8 am, it was just too hot!  Especially for Meredith who was stuck sitting in the stroller.  And even at 8 am, it was still hot and humid.  With that said, last Friday night, I promised Mackenzie we would go to the playground on Saturday morning despite the heat, humidity and threat of west nile carrying mosquitoes.  Just before we left I remembered that the local high school band would be playing in our neighborhood as part of a fundraiser and was excited to show Mackenzie a marching band.  The highschool band dork deep with in me was also fairly excited to see them.  I may or may not have rushed Mackenzie to get dressed so we wouldn't miss them.  ;)

Anyways, I pulled out the big stroller and we walked the half mile to the neighborhood visitor's center.  Once there, I sprayed us all down with bug spray and we enjoyed a few songs by the band.
 Since the original promise was to play on the playground, Mackenzie wasn't too excited about being off course to watch the band.  She covered her ears and said they were being too loud. ;)  After a couple of songs, we started making our way to the playground but veered off again to take the path around the lake.

Well, not all the way around the lake, just a partial path since I was just trying to stake out a place for the girls' portraits we are doing tomorrow.  Anyways, after throwing little pebbles into the water...

and looking at the ducks (we'll take bread next time)...

it was time for the playground.

Unfortunately, the mosquitoes didn't really care if you had OFF on or not.  They were everywhere.  I swatted one away trying to bite my heel!  Not my ankle, my heel - the one place I didn't spray.  Crazy!  Anyways, after we saw the band march off down the street, we decided the playground wasn't worth the heat, sweat and mosquitoes, so we went home.

Maybe around October, we'll venture around outside again on a more regular basis.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Organizing: kiddie cabinet

In the beginning of the year I was really on top of things and tackling small organizational projects just about every week.  And then....well, I stopped.  I keep telling myself, I need to re-organize my kitchen cabinets, but it never happens.  The other day, I finally organized one set of cabinets.

After sorting through everything and getting rid of several baby spoons, pacifiers, bottle parts and unused sippy cups, I finally started putting everything back in the cabinet.  We use a lot of sippy cups in our house and before I could put anything away I had to categorize the sippy cups and think about where they should be on the shelves.  Mackenzie used to chew on the soft top sippy cups, so we switched her to the hard top ones, but we kept all of the old sippy cups and just bought new soft tops.  So now we have a gazillion old sippy cups plus the gazillion newer sippy cups.  Not to mention we have smaller sippy cups for Meredith that she'll probably still use for water and juice.  I wanted to keep the two girls cups sort of separated, but not necessarily on different shelves.  In the end I put them all on the same shelf, but each has it's own side. 

Besides the sippy cups, we also have real cups that she drinks out of occasionally, but the sippy cup is just least in my mind it is.  Since the real cups aren't used as often, I put them on the upper shelf because I felt like in the past they have always gotten in the way with the mass of sippy cups on the first shelf.  The right side of the cabinet pretty much stayed the same because it's previous organization was still working.  All it needed was a little cleaning out and tidying. 
Now I have almost an entire shelf free to use.  If I can manage to clean out the other kitchen cabinets I might find other items I'd rather store there.  Or it might just stay empty for a while.  I can't wait until a few years from now when I can get rid of even more of this plastic stuff!  I know I'll still keep a few of the containers and plates for occasional use, but I can't wait to say goodbye to the cups of plastic spoons and forks, bowls and plates that never stay suctioned, miscellaneous lids and snack cups that never hold everything without spilling! ;)

And because everyone likes to see before and after shots, here it is:

I know it's only one set of cabinets out of 10, but it's better than nothing.  Now onto the other cabinets...maybe. ;)

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

One year ago today...

  • One year ago today I went to bed at 12:30am because I was officially a stay at home mom and didn't have to wake up early.
  • One year ago today the smoke detector in our bedroom beeped in a "replace my battery" chirp at 1:00am every 2 minutes.
  • One year ago today I finally went to sleep at 2:00am after Brandon changed the smoke detector with the big ladder from the garage...not an easy task with 12' ceilings. 
  • One year ago today I was woken up by Mackenzie at 6:00am - on my first official day to sleep in. :(
  • One year ago today my water broke at 2:15pm
  • One year ago today we walked into Labor & Delivery at the hospital at 5:30pm.
  • One year ago today Meredith Danielle was born at 7:29pm.
  • One year ago today at 10:15pm I got to hold my second baby girl for the first time!
As crazy as that 24 hours was, I wouldn't have it any other way!  And now, ONE YEAR later, my days are still just as crazy and I love it!  I'll post Meredith's 12 month photos later, but for now here's a photo review of Meredith's first year.

Happy Birthday Meredith!!!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Our first day of school

Yesterday we started our first day of school for the new school year.  Thanks to pinterest, everyone is taking pictures of their kids holding up signs telling what grade they are in.  I, of course, jumped on the bandwagon.  I even copied a questionaire from 1+1+1=1 for Mackenzie to answer.  A couple of her answers were pretty funny/unusual.  For example, apparently she wants to be a fireman when she grows up.  Huh, where did that come from?  I'm not saying it's bad, I just wasn't expecting it.  Also, she acted like I was crazy for not knowing her favorite tv show(s) - "I thought you knew that, Momma?"  Oh and she wants to learn about "drinks" this school year.  I asked her what she meant and she just said different kinds of "milk, juice and drinks."  Ooooookaaaaay.  I guess I'll work on some extra unit for that. :/

I didn't type it, but my favorite response was for the question, "My favorite place in the world is..." After not getting a response for a couple of seconds, I said we would skip it and come back to it.  She said, "good, because I don't know what the question is."  She's so honest, it made me laugh.  Anyways, below is her survey for the year:
*Since I can't seem to get the picture to enlarge when you click on it, below are her questions/answers:

  • My favorite color is orange.
  • My favorite food is strawberries.
  • I really dont like to eat tomatoes.
  • My favorite TV show is Curious George and Cinderella, I though you knew that?
  • My favorite book is hmm, the octopus one.  Thats mine and Merediths favorite.
  • I am really good at doll house.
  • The best place in the world to be is the store.
  • When I grow up I want to be I think a fireman.
  • If I could do one thing all day long it would be play.
  • When I was little, I used to play.
  • The best thing about school is saying the verses.
  • The worst thing about school is nothing. 
  • This year I hope to learn about drinks.

In addition to Mackenzie's picture, I couldn't resist taking a picture of Meredith with an idea I saw on a blog somewhere.  It's a little blurry (my fault), but she cooperated very nicely by actually holding up the sign!  Good girl! ;)

So, here's to a great school year! 

Monday, August 27, 2012

My mom's birthday

My mom's birthday was almost 2 weeks ago, but I'm still going to blog about it.  We met her at my grandparents' house for lunch and dessert.  Mackenzie and Meredith always love going to see Granny and Papa.  As a matter of fact, so do I! ;)

Mackenzie helped Granny make our giant sandwich.  Since Granny was wearing gloves, Mackenzie insisted she wear gloves too!
Take a closer look at those gloves, can you see the extra glove length at every finger?!  They were too big for her, but she didn't care - she was helping.
Another way Mackenzie "helped" was putting the candles in the pie.  They were supposed to spell Happy Birthday, but she wasn't understanding what we were trying to tell her about putting them in order, so we just let her do it however she wanted.
 I believe it said, "HBYPPA YIADHTR". ;)

Of course Meredith was content to sit in anyone's lap for a little while.
Especially if they have the promise of food!

We had a great day and it was so nice just to visit with everyone.  So "HBYPPA YIADHTR" momma.  Hope you had a great day! 

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Last day of "summer"

Although, August in Southeast Texas is by no means the end of summer, yesterday was considered the last day of summer for most of the kids in our area.  Since we will also be starting a new curriculum with school next week, I made it our last day of summer too!  We lazed around the house for most of the morning, but then we met our friends at our neighborhood pool.  We packed our lunches so that we could stay longer than normal.  We swam in one pool for a while, then ate lunch, swam in the other pool and then the older girls swam in the first pool again while the mommas fed the babies.  During one of the breaks, the older girls lounged on the chairs:

As I took this picture of Meredith, I realized I had taken a picture of her eating in her stroller almost every time we've gone to the pool.

So, I made a collage!

I promise, she swims and doesn't just sit and eat the whole time! ;)  Also, I didn't realize how much her bathing suit strap falls down! ;)

After 2 1/2 hours, it was time for the little ones to take a nap, so we loaded everyone up and went home.  We got home just as it was starting to sprinkle.  Mackenzie asked if she could play in the rain and since she was already wet from the pool and still in her swimsuit, I said yes.  I put Meredith down for a nap and then Mackenzie and I went back outside.

She played for about 20 minutes and then it thundered, so we came inside.  She wanted to specifically dance in the rain, so here's a video of her dancing in the rain.

It was a great day to a great summer!  Here's to many more! ;)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

RRSP: Letter Q and Olympic Unit

Wow, I just realized I never posted about our letter Q unit.  I've decided we stop doing the Raising Rock Stars curriculum with 5 letters remaining.  I would love to continue on this fall, but since our lessons are going through the Bible this next school year, there are certain lessons that would be reinforced more with certain holidays.  Therefore, I need to start with Creation in the next week or two.

Anyways, back to the letter Q.  We continued right on through after the letter O, along with the remainder of the Olympic Unit from 3Dinosaurs we had been doing during the Olympics.  We didn't do a lot of other stuff besides these too units, since we were taking it easy this summer.

Our memory verse was, "Quench not the spirit." 1 Thessalonians 5:19.

Writing the letter Q is a lot like writing O from last week! ;)

She's getting much better with cutting and usually doesn't want my help unless she's cutting the big outside edges like this one.  This next year, we will work on continuous lines that aren't just straight.
The cut and paste verse was very short this week - less than 2 lines.
Wow, I didn't realize how much cutting we did! ;)  For our verse craft, Mackenzie colored the water drops and then I cut the individual drops out.
She was supposed to glue the drops in number order, but she told me she didn't want to and I didn't feel like making her, so 5, 10, 9, 87, 3, 2, 1, 4, and 6 is what we got! ;)

 Letter Q:
We made our letter Q collage with Q-tips.
Our last letter sort...EVER! ;)  Well, until I do these again with Meredith, but that's a couple of years away.

Olympic Unit:
We learned what "equipment" was and sorted people and equipment.

She colored the Olympic rings.  She is definitely improving in her coloring skills.  She still colors outside the lines, but they stay very close to the lines.  Much more controlled in the last month or so.
This is the type of cutting skills we'll work on this next year, but as you can see, she didn't want to cut these.  She only wanted to trace it and again I didn't want to push it.
This is our other mini book for the Olympics.  I know it still looks like scribbles, but they are controlled.  See how on the equestrian section, the horse and rider's heads are not connected by the same coloring stroke.  Two months ago that would not have been true.
Patterns...I learned from the week before and kept all of the cut outs in my hand and waited until she said what was next.  It went much better.

And last, but not least, a size sort of gold, silver and bronze medals.  As usual, she does each size one at a time.

And that's a wrap with the 2012 Pre-K 3 school year!  Next week we start the 2012-2013 school year! Yay!

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