Monday, July 2, 2012

Swim lessons

Before summer started, Brandon and I discussed having Mackenzie take swimming lessons, but then decided that we would teach her.  After 2 or 3 trips to the pool where she didn't really want to do what we said, we re-evaluated our decision and signed her up at the Houston Swim Club.  For two weeks she went every day for 30 minutes!

The first day of swim lessons she cried the entire time, but did everything her teacher asked her to do.  The second day and subsequent days she pretty much only cried when her face went in the water.  Her teacher was great and didn't push her to the point of hating lessons.  He put the other 3 girls in her class further into the water, but would only put a little bit of Mackenzie's face in the water.  By the end of the two weeks, she was sticking her entire head under water, but not at the beginning like the other girls.

During the lessons, the parents are watching behind mirrored glass, so the kids cannot see us.  I think this is awesome, because I think she would have done much worse had she been able to see me.  My proof of this came on Friday - her very last lesson.  On Friday they allowed parents to watch from the pool deck to take pictures and video.  Mackenzie seemed to cry most of the time and especially every time she looked up and saw me.  I always thought she floated well and stopped crying once she was on her back, but since I was behind a wall and sound proof wall, I didn't know.  I'm  not sure if it was because I was there or if she did this every time, but while Mackenzie floats in the water on her back, she cries, "Momma, Momma" the whole time!  I laughed when I realized that was her crying above all the other children in the pool!  Watch the video...I think it's funny.  Oh and please ignore my talking and southern accent on the video.  I'm talking to another parent and I sound like I'm 15 again and haven't learned to speak properly. :(

While it's a big commitment to block out about 1 1/2 hours of your day, every day for two weeks, I'm really glad we did it.  After two weeks, she has learned to float on her back (with some assistance), kick across a pool on a float and has gotten much better about putting her face in the water.  I will work with her the remainder of the summer so that she can float on her own and put her face in the water with out crying. ;)

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