Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sensory Bin

I finally made a sensory bin for Mackenzie the other day.  I've only had the supplies sitting in a closet for over a year.  It all started on Sunday, when we dyed rice for our letter R collage that we were going to make on Monday.  All I did was put a little bit of instant rice to two ziplock sandwich bags and then added 6 or 7 drops of food coloring to each bag.  We then shook/moved the rice around until it was all coated with coloring.  The next day we glued our colored rice onto our letter collage.  When we were finished, Mackenzie requested to play with the rice, so I gave her a bowl and a measuring spoon and small cup.
She played with this for about 20 minutes until it was bath time.  Since she enjoyed it so much, I promised her I would make her a bigger sensory bin the next day.

On Tuesday I pulled out this tub that's been in the closet FOREVER.

I bought it specifically to be used as a sensory bin and then never did anything with it.  It used to have bags of split peas, too...but I scavenged those right after Christmas.

Can you tell which side of the vase faces the window?!  I now have green and yellow split peas...but that's ok.

Anyways, back to Tuesday.  I created this masterpiece:

I mean, cutting open all of those rice and bean bags is such hard work.  And getting the glass stones to lay just right, whew.  I really had to use my artistic skills for this activity! ;)  Clearly, I'm just kidding, since it took all of 2 minutes to throw everything together.  I had also been saving up the scoops and other miscellaneous items that could be used for different themed bins.

The picture above was taken at 10:50.  At 12:00, I moved the bin to the kitchen table for Mackenzie to play there while Meredith was awake and crawling around.  At 1:10, we finally put the box away!  I played with her for the last 10-15 minutes, but otherwise, she played contently for 2 HOURS!  I'm pretty sure this sensory bin can be called a hit! ;)  She added her alphabet numbers, a different scoop, more beans, erasers, whatever she wanted to.  And the best part - clean up involved putting the lid on it and that's all! ;)  The best activity EVER!

If you don't have one for your child...go make one! ;)  


  1. Hello, it's all so beautiful, congratulations

  2. Amen!!! LOVE these!!! :) Glad M is loving them too! One tip I stole from another blog... check out the Target dollar spot for the packages of a dozen or so erasers. Those are fun to dig out then use to pattern, count, sort, etc. They usually have them for major holidays. :)


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